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Qurat Kittens

ATTENTION - There are breeders who are willing to take your money but won't sell you a real Korat. Locally find Korat cats and kittens for sale in the UK. View all Korat features below! KITTEN KITTEN, PLANNED LITTERS, RETIRED. If you can save a life, why buy a Korat kitten for sale?

Qurat and Thai Kitten List - Korat and Thai Cat Association

Many of our member breeder kittens are available in lovingly maintained houses. ATTENTION - There are growers who are willing to take your cash but won't sell you a real Korat. Don't buy a Korat or Thai kitty without the right papers. Your kitty won't be a Korat without the right kind of hardcopy!

Before you buy your kitty, also review the GCCF Suspended Breeder Census. We recommend that you obtain a family tree with information on at least 4 generation of your kitten's ancestor along with a GCCF (or other register of cats, such as FIFe or TICA) transmission certificat. Any breeder who is a K&TCA member and whose data appears on the K&TCA website breeder page will make it available and if not, please notify the website owner and notify such suspension.

Members of KTCA abide by the GCCF Code of Ethics when kittens are sold. KTCA BAC has also established a Korat & Thai breeding policy in accordance with the proposed GCCF breeding policy to make sure that our kittens are farmed in the best of conditions. Your cat is at least 13 months old and has received a full vaccination before it can go away from its breed.

If you are a breeder, the prices you are paying for a cat may differ and you should consider whether extra services such as a mini chip or extra vaccines such as leukemia and/or chlamydias are covered. In this case, the costs are usually added to the purchase as well.

There will be many kittens for breeding, which are suited for exhibition as well as for the production of lovely cats. Many members throughout the country would like to help anyone who needs help to show their domestic animal Korat. This can be discussed with the growers first, but please use the Clubs Account page or consult the Web master if the particular grower cannot help you.

If you would like to offer a home to a Korat or Thai cat, please consult the respective breeders directly. As well as the kittens, we have extended this checklist to older kittens who are still looking for their lovely home, if available. The kittens are all over eight month old and castrated.

Throw of Korats in search of her lasting, affectionate home. 4-week pets and kitty package including.

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