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The Korat is a living symbol of happiness and prosperity in its native Thailand. ((associated with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy). The Korat cats were once the exclusive breed of the Thai royal family. However, Korat cats are a little more common today. The Korat is a rare Thai cat breed, which is said to have exceptional hearing, scent and sight.

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Korat come from Thailand, where they are known as Si-Sawat, which means "greyish-blue cat" in translation and have always been much appreciated in their homeland because they are supposed to be lucky. You are a unique race and anyone who wants to divide their home with a Korat would have to declare their interest to the breeder and declare themselves willing to go on a waitinglist to have such an eye-catching, faithful and loving cat.

It is said to be over 600 years old and has always been worshipped as a lucky charm in its home country Thailand. Only in 1959 the first Korats were imported to America, when two kittens were sold to one grower by another Thai grower.

Both Korat were named Nara and Darra. In this way, all Korat bear the gene that produces Thai or purple cat, which means that a Korat can certainly make a Thai kink. Only in 1965 a breeding association was founded with the aim of creating a breeding standart.

A year later, in 1966, in the USA, Mr Karats won the championship. But it was not until about 10 years later, in 1972, that Korat first came to Britain. There were over 20 kittens in the UK two years later, but it was not until 1984 that the GCCF granted the championship title to the cattery.

Throughout the years these intriguing females have found a following both here in the UK and elsewhere in the whole wide globe, thanks to their distinctive appearance and the fact that they are so people-oriented. But if you want to divide a house with a Korat, you have to go on a waitlist, because it is so seldom.

Seen in detail, the cat has a light stop between nose and forehead. Korat has large ear-shaped heads boasting round tops and a large torch at the bottom. It has high sets of arms, further enhancing the sharp, attentive Korat printout. There' s very little unwanted fur in a cat's ear and her eye is big and light, rather protruding and round with a gentle slope when it' shut, but not when it' open.

The legs are ovate with five on the forefeet and only four on the hindquarters. Korat is an extreme people-oriented cat that lives from its owner. The kittens ripen gradually, which can take up to four years, which means that they keep many of their kitty characteristics up to this time and even into old age.

It is their pleasure to explore nature and to label their territories, but they should only be let out when it is secure for them. But the good thing is that they are very well adapted to be kept as domestic animals as long as they are given plenty to do and can cuddle in places when the atmosphere picks them up.

Korat is known for being a brilliantly clever cat who can learn new things very quickly, including getting her hands on games and having a go with her family. Being so clever, they like to be occupied and enjoy being part of everything that happens around them.

With their open-minded, loving characters, korat is the ideal option for the family. It is important, however, to always pay attention when the cat is near infants and any interactions should always be monitored by an adult to ensure that things remain beautiful and serene. Youngsters need to be trained how to interact with and when to be left alone with them.

When they have been raised with another cat in one home, they usually get along well with each other, although disputes can occasionally arise when a cat restores hacking order, which they do from an occasion. By their very nature, the Korat are unbelievably socially responsible and are known to get along with other domestic animals.

A Korat's mean lifespan is between 15 and 18 years if it is maintained correctly and nourished according to its age. It is known that the Korat have few inherited medical problems, but they are susceptible to two kinds of heritable disorders in which the cat often dies before it is 12 month old and which are as follows:

In addition, it is important to feed top feed s to meet all their dietary needs throughout their life, especially kitten and older kitten. It is also important to regularly inspect a cat's ear and wash it if necessary. Too much growth of growth can cause a hurtful and difficult to eliminate infections.

Dogs often have mite eared lesions, which can be a serious issue, so it is important to keep your hearing checked. From the Korat prides itself on having a ton of power and affection to do things, between their cat pimples that is. They' live by being near their owner and will be following them wherever they go, with some even insist on getting in the vehicle so they can be with them.

If they are kept as domestic animals, they need to do many things, and they can cuddle up to places where they can take a nap when the atmosphere picks them up, because if there is a Korat, then it is a nap during the outing. When you get a Korat cat from a kennel grower, they would give you a diet plan and it is important to follow the same routines and feed the same cat foods to prevent stomach ache.

Elder lymphs are not known as picky predators, but that doesn't mean they can get an inferior nutrition. It is best to give a ripe cat several meals a days to ensure that it is a high standard cat meal that satisfies all their dietary needs, which is especially important as they age.

As with all other races, the Korat need free and unrestricted entry to pure, unpolluted waters at all time. To buy a Korat, you must purchase more than 250 pounds for a well-bred cat and declare your interest with the breeder and accept to be placed on a waitlist, as not many well-bred catkins are listed with the GCCF every year.

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