Colhapur is a historic city of Maharashtra. This is the headquarters of the Kolhapur district. Colhapur (Marathi: ???

??????) is a city in the southwestern corner of Maharashtra, India. Knowledge about Kolhapur resorts, hotel stays etc.

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Colhapur ( Kolhapur. ogg (help-info)) is a historical Maharashtra town. This is the Kolhapur County head office. Kolhapur was a 19-member weapon prince state before the independence of India, which was governed by the Bhosale Chhatrapati (Bhosale Royal Clan) of the Maratha Empire. The Kolhapur is referred to in the Devi Gita, the last and most important section of the Devi-Bhagavata Purana, a specific text of Shaktism.

Colhapore is known as a place of collamma veneration. "5 "5] The Jyotiba is also the site of the Jyotiba in Kolhapur. In Maharashtra's western region Kolhapur is known for its devotional reports. Shilahara in Kolhapur was the last of the three and was established at the end of the Rashtrakuta Empire.

Maharashtra, the Satara, Kolhapur and Belagavi areas. The Shilaharas of Kolhapur, like their counterparts in the Konkan branches to the north, claim to belong to the Vidyadhara Jimutavahana family. Later on, although the capitol was moved to Kolhapur, some of its scholarships mentioned Valavada and the hillside fortress of Pranalaka or Padmanala,(Panhala) as the places of the king's residency.

Although the capitol was moved to Kolhapur, Karhad kept its importance during the Shilahara time. Kolhapur was the center of government of the Shilahara Empire from 940 to 1212 AD. The Jain temple in and around Kolhapur from this epoch is named Gonka-Jinalya, after the emperor. It is a town in the interior of the southwest state of Maharashtra, 228 km southern of Pune, 615 km northwest of Bengaluru and 530 km western of Hyderabad.

In Maharashtra Ichalkaranji (27 km), Kodoli (35 km), Peth-Vadgaon (15 km), Kagal (21 km), Sangli (49 km), Satara (115 km) and Miraj (50 km), Gadhinglaj (67 km) are the closest Kolhapur town. Colhapur has a height of 569 meters (1867 ft). Chandgad is the most cool place in Kolhapur County.

Kolhapur's microclimate is a mixture of coast and interior features shared by Maharashtra. Kolhapur's summers are relatively colder, but much wetter than those of neighboring landlocked towns. From June to September, the hostel attracts a lot of rain because it is close to the West Ghats. Colhapur experienced the winters from November to February.

Both of these lochs supply the town with drinking tap. The Kolhapur Municipal Cooperation (KMC) manages Kolhapur. Subdivided into five stations designated A through E, the company provides wastewater processing and free incineration to local communities and has made a number of enhancements such as the Kolhapur Road Project,[11] the Anti-Encroachment Drive to stop undesirable construction activities that interfere with the city's open spaces, and the Suvarna Jayanti Nagarotthan Project to improve road and rainwater use.

KMC, however, faces issues such as the extension of Kolhapur's bourgeois boundaries, which have not been raised since 1972, as the town does not take advantage of various state programmes. It is also an industry town with about 300 casting plants that produce 15 billion pounds worth of export each year.

19 ] In Kagal near Kolhapur, a production facility of Kirloskar Oil Engines[KOEL] is built in the 5-star-MIDC, and the Raymond clothing factory is also in the same area. In Kolhapur there are two other industry areas. MIDC Gokul-Shirgaon, MIDC Shiroli MIDC & Udyamnagar is an industry park in the town.

Another income stream is the tourist industry with around three million tourists a year. Kolhapur's main sights include: a 26 metre high goddess image of Mr. Ganesh during the Chinmaya missions (Top Sambhapur); the rider sculpture Tara Rani standing on two horses' limbs; and a bronzed Babasaheb Ambedkar near Bindu Horwk, consecrated on 7 December 1950.

The Kolhapur Maybach carriage of the Kolhapur Khatrapatis is presented to the general audience during the yearly Dusshera Parade. The Kolhapur kitchen is known for specific sheep meals as well as Kolhapuri Misal and Kolhapuri Bhel. 22 ] The town gives its name to foods like Kolhapuri Lavangi (Chili or Mirchi), Kolhapuri jaaggery (cane syrup concentrate) and Kolhapuri masalaem ( seasoning mixture).

23 ] Kolhapur has two selling points of McDonald's, as well as a Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, subway. Many caf├ęs are scattered all over the town. Kolhapur's most important paper is the Pudhari. Other papers in Marathis own languages are Sakaal, Maharashtra Times (Kolhapur edition), Loksatta, Lokmat, Kesari, Saamna, Tarun Bharat and Punyanagari.

Among the English-language newspapers are The Times of India (Kolhapur edition), The Indian Express, Business Standard and The Economic Times. Indian is the everyday tongue of the Lokmat Times. Kolhapur's FM radioservices comprise Tomato FM (94. 3 MHz), Mirchi FM (98. 3 MHz), Municipal FM (95 MHz), Big FM (92. 7 MHz) and All India FM Radios (102. 7 MHz).

The Kolhapur has three multiplexers - Photovoltaic multiplexers ( PVR Cinemas ) in the DYP City Mall, Parvati multiplex and INOX in the Reliance Mega Mall. It has also given KK, Arijit Singh, Avdhoot Gupte and Kapil Sharma lives. The Rajarshi Shahu Stadion is a Kolhapur based sports arena. The Khasbag wrestle arena is a nationwide wrestle arena in Kolhapur.

The Kolhapur have given the country many top sporting figures such as Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav, who won a gold at the 1952 Helsinki Summer Olympics. One of the first Indian sportsmen to receive a Olympic gold Medal. Jadhav, who was under 17 and playing against FIFA, came from Kolhapur.

Colhapur is on National Highway 4 and National Highway 204. There are three public transportation booths in the city: The Kolhapur Municipal Transfer (KMT) offers connections by buses. Kolhapur's CBS is the liveliest coach station in Maharashtra with more than 12,000 commuters per night. Kolhapur's closest airport is Pune and Goa and the closest airport is Pune.

Kolhapur's dayly flights to Mumbai began in April 2018 and suggested connecting with other southern Indian towns such as Bangalore, Tirupati and Hyderabad by June 2018. In Kolhapur there are technical, medical and agricultural education facilities. The Shivaji University is situated in the town of Kolhapur. Throughout India and Africa, the capital draws a large number of college and college graduates.

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