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"Kokomo " is a track by John Phillips, Scott McKenzie, Mike Love and Terry Melcher and was filmed by the US-Rockband Beach Boys. His texts describe two enthusiasts making a journey to a tranquil place on an isle off the Florida Keys, Kokomo. The album was published as a solo on July 18, 1988 by Elektra Records and became a No. 1 in the USA, Japan and Australia (where it was at the top for about two months).

It was published at the same time as Roger Donaldson's movie Cocktail and the following one. In 1988 he was shortlisted for the Grammy Award for best song specially written for a movie or TV, but was defeated by Phil Collins' "Two Hearts" (from the movie Buster). 1 ] Two Hearts" and Carly Simon's "Let the River Run" by Working Girl won him the Golden Globe Award for the best album.

It was composed by John Phillips and Scott McKenzie in Virginia Beach in 1986 and soon afterwards filmed and performed by Phillips as a duo between McKenzie and Denny Doherty of the Mamas and the Papas. This release stayed un-released until 2010 when it was released on a post-human record of John Phillips' Many Mamas, Many Papas tracks, most of which were initially made in the 1980' for a reconstitued tour of the Mamas and the Papas, with himself, Doherty, Mackenzie Phillips' and Spanky McFarlane of Spanky and Our Gang.

As the Beach Boys were asked to create a title track for Cocktail, Terry Melcher approached his old buddy Phillips and asked if he had any of those tracks that would work. "Kokomo " was one of the tracks Phillip Melcher sent. Somewhere Near Japan" (also known as "Fairytale Girl"), which was also taped by the Beach Boys for their Still Cruisin' night.

Though Phillips had spent several holidays in the Carribean on the Mustique Isles, which belonged to his boyfriend Colin Tennant, "Kokomo" is fictitious in itself. Though there are several places called Kokomo, among them Kokomo, Indiana, Kokomo, Arkansas and Kokomo, Hawaii, the track described a fictitious Kokomo as a place "before the Florida Keys".

It also refers to many places on the island: Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama(s), Key Largo, Montego (Bay), Martinique, Montserrat and Port-au-Prince (with the first six places in the choir). Besides the characteristic Beach Boys' laid sing styles, the use of metal drum instruments also comes into play in the orchestration.

Kokomo " Tracksheet Information by Keith Wechselchsler, the Steeldrums were performed by Vince, Milton and Mike (but not Mike Love). Wechselchsler also says that there is a drummer called Chili who was playing drum in the intro to the music. The accordionist Van Dyke Parks, who had worked on some of the group's previous records, was playing the piano while Jim Keltner, a former member of the band, was playing drum kit.

Mike Love and Terry Melcher played the leading vocal on the Beach Boys demonstration of "Kokomo". Demonstration harmony includes Terry Melcher, Bruce Johnston, Mike Love and Jeff Foskett. Disney Films requested that the "Kokomo" demonstration be "upgraded" to a male version, so that the members of the Beach Boys had to re-record the demonstration vocal, with the exception of Mike Love's leading vocalist.

Some of the last Kokomo backing vocal recordings are by Carl Wilson, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and Al Jardine. Mike Love and Carl Wilson will sing the finally published "Kokomo" leads. Brian Wilson, the only Beach Boys member who was not actively participating in the admission, was informed of the admission at the last minute and was not able to do so.

He later appeared as a background singer on a Cubase track and recorded the track in Spain, among them a gig for the TV show Full House (episode 028) and the band's 2013 release of their new music.

The main contributors to the track were Mike Love and Terry Melcher, who rewrote Phillips and McKenzie's choir and added the "Aruba, Jamaica...." line. In the Beach Boys versions of the songs, the Phillips and Mackenzie melodies have been the same. The four of them wrote the track.

Earlier kokomo related tracks include "Kokomo Blues" (1928) by Kokomo Arnold and "Kokomo me Baby" (1959) by Mississippi Fred McDowell, but they are thought to refer to Kokomo, Indiana. Kokomo ", a Little Richard song with "Tutti Frutti", was first published on Elektra Records in July 1988.

On November 5, 1988 it reached its peak on the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and replaced "A Groovy Kind of Love" by Phil Collins. It was the first #1 Beach Boys song in the USA since "Good Vibrations" in 1966 and the longest period between two number one songs in America for one group ('22 years).

It' also their only #1 track not composed or made by Brian Wilson. By chance, the May 1966 edition of "A Groovy Kind of Love" by The Mindbenders substituted the Beach Boys' Sloop John B for 5th place. It was only a weeks release at the top of the Hot 100 and was superseded by The Escape Club track "Wild, Wild West".

Capitol Records contracted him after the hit of the first singles and published the track for the second year. In July 1989 the track was re-released as the b-side of the "Still Cruisin'" singles, which reached its peak at 93rd place on the Hot 100. Captain published the track a third one, only two month later, as the B-side of the "Somewhere Near Japan" solo, but the solo was unsuccessful.

The first release of the UK release was in October 1988 by Elektra. It reached number 25 in the chart. Capitol contracted the group like in the USA and for the second year in a row they published the singles as B-side of the "Still Cruisin'"-single.

After" Do It Again" in 1968 and" Cotton Fields" in 1970 the third number one hits of the Australian group. The New Zealand stallion reached the top 5. It reached number 6 in the Netherlands charts. Also in Belgium the track reached place 19 and in Germany place 7.

Kokomo" was shot at the then newly opened Grand Floridian Resort in Walt Disney World, Florida. Crowds on the wrong shore included University of Nevada, Las Vegas cheerleader. The members of the Strand Boys in the film are:: Guitarist Carl Wilson, tambourineist Al Jardine, bassist Bruce Johnston and saxophonist Mike Love.

The actors and casual Beach Boys liveguest John Stamos plays concga, bongoes and steeldrum. There was no introduction of Brian Wilson and "Kokomo" is the only commercial that the Beach Boys made without him in the 80s. The Muppets' 1993 Muppet Beach Party features a title track with Kermit the Frog as the main part.

Instead of the Saxophon solos on the recordings, a slidesolo by Nick Brown or George Doering was used. Included in the musical videoclip is Dan Higgins' 10or saxophone solos, which are simultaneously playing with the guitars. The Shqiptare Boys, a group from Norway, was playing a satirical tune to the Kosovo number.

Capitol Steps, a satirical group of politicians, has also included a satirical story entitled "Kosovo". We had a satirical version of the tune that related to the Ranma 1/2 character. Bob & Tom parodyed the track as "Camel Toe". The Sports Animal in Oklahoma (WWLS) published a satirical celebration of the 2000 Oklahoma Sooner soccer team's journey to the National Championship match.

Simpsons parodies the 2003 edition, "Today I Am a Clown", in which the "Beach Boys Experience" are singing about Jew observation as part of the TV broadcast Wet'n' Wild Bar Mitzvah of Krusty the Clown Servic. At the end of the 90s WCSX in Detroit made a satirical version of the Metro Beach movie.

As part of an installment of Saturday Night Live from 2001, Derek Jeter hosted a sketched version of a teacup place, "Derek Jeter's Teacoole ", whose title track was a satirical Kokomo comedy. Kevin Can Waiting celebrity Chris Roach filmed a Kokomo satirical performance in 2017 called Ronkokomo, a tribute to his home town of Ronkonkoma, New York.

Episode 2 Episode 6 of Full Houses. You will play "Kokomo" in their home and in a liveconcert, where the full housecast "Barbara Ann" sang along. It is also performed in a different notation, but retains the initial rhythmical patterns in apparent allusion to the orignal.

The three protagonists of " Two Guys and a Girl and a Vacation " will be singing the tune throughout the entire story to celebrate their forthcoming vacation. Chandler briefly writes a few words from the third installment of the series.

In a Scrubs story, Turk proposes Elliot and Keith honeymooning in Kokomo, but Elliot kills his imagination and says nothing: "For the last case, there is no place like Kokomo! "In a series of How I Me Your Mother, "Three days of Snow", Ted and Barney keep a pub open after the last call to await their appointments and synchronize with the music.

In The Simpsons' 15th season, "Today I Am a Clown", a satirical performance of the group and the Jewish-themed songs during Krusty the Klown's Barbara Mithva. Stewie is singing the choir of the Family Guy series " The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou " in the solarium.

SESEASON 3 SEPISON 14 seseason 3 sepison 14 "Office Spaceman" Roger the a. k. as "Parker Peters" shows the choir's list of isles as targets for the hunt for the mystery spaceman (Roger himself). The King of Queens' sequel "Pour Judgment" features the tune during a performance in which Doug attended bartending college.

In the sequel "The Burgers of Wrath" the track is performed by Spin City, in a setting where Charlie and Carter help out in a junkhouse. On Two and a Half Men 12 Stage 11 Alan and Walden's supporting group sing a catch line of the music. On the Brooklyn Nine Nine film Boyle-Linetti Wedding, Charles and Lynn Boyle consider Kokomo "the best rocking and rolling track ever written", combined with Don't You (Forget About Me)".

It is also performed in the series " Look Out for Number One " by "Orange is the New Black", in a sequence in which Frieda is transferred to one of the quieter cells in the Litchfield Penitentiary. High heels ^ "Kokomo By The Beach Boys Songfacts". "Kokomo". Hip up ^ "AllMusic.com Adam Green Kokomo".

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