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Clerksdorf is a city in the Northwest Province, South Africa. Clerksdorf is the largest city in the Northwest Province. Clerksdorp, town and main centre of the Clerksdorp area, Northwest Province, South Africa. Clerksdorp Search by map for hotels, lodges, pensions, B&B and holiday apartments. Real estate for rent in Klerksdorp.

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Clerksdorf is a small village in the Northwest Province, South Africa. Klerksdorf is the biggest municipality of the Northwestern Province[2]. Mahikeng, the province capitol, is situated about 170 km northwest of Klerksdorp and Johannesburg 170 km northeast. It was established in 1837 or 1838[3] when the Voortrekkers established themselves on the shores of Schoonspruit [3] ("Clear stream"), which runs through the cityscape.

The Klerksdorp is the oldest western (white) village in Europe situated just south of the river Vaal and thus the former Zuid-Afrikaanschen Republic (Z.A.R.), also known as Transvaal Republic. The small business group was later named Klerksdorp in honor of the first region, Jacob de Clercq.

The Second Boer War (1899-1902) led to severe clashes in the area where two large consolidation camp were also located, one for white people (with the emphasis on today's Klerksdorp High School) and one for Africans (in the area that is now the outskirts of Ellaton and Neserhof). One of the most popular of the Battle of Klerksdorp is the Battle of Ysterspruit (Eisenbach), in which the Boer General Koos de la Rey won a great war.

One of the most acclaimed battles in the general's history, the one in which the Boer army began the skill of shooting from horses. In Rooiwal, near Klerksdorp, on 11 April 1902, the last great fight of the Great Rooiwal Wars, in which a Boer attack was fended off by English forces, took place.

On August 3, 1897, Klerksdorp was linked to Krügersdorp and in 1906 to Kimberley. In 1932, large miners resurrected the goldmining sector, giving the city an impetus that picked up speed after the Second World War. The Klerksdorp has a semi-arid environment (BSh/BSk, according to the Köppen class ), with mild to humid summer and cold, drier soils.

Klerksdorp's larger urban area includes the cities of Orkney, Kanana, Stilfontein, Khuma, Hartbeesfontein and Tigane and has more than 350,000 residents (Census Statistics SA 2001). Klerksdorp and Rustenburg form the commercial centre of the Northwest Province. This is one of the turntables of the South Africa goldmining sector, although its importance has diminished in recent years.

In March 2005, a severe quake in Stilfontein to the east of the city wreaked havoc on the mines. Besides being an important center for medicine, retailing and education in the Northwest Province and the North Free State, Klerksdorp is also a popular city. Klerksdorp County makes an important contribution to the agricultural sector in Southern Africa; corn, rum and peanuts and sunflowers are important crop plants grown in the area.

The Klerksdorp has the biggest farm cooperative in the Mediterranean, called "Senwes". It is also known for its Sussex livestock - the town is home to the Sussex Community of Sussex Breeders in Africa. Excavation wells from the 1880s. Klerksdorp Museum. The Klerksdorp ball, globular to subspheric shapes that pseudo-archeologists consider created by humans.

Faan Meintjies Nature Reserve, about 15 km from Klerksdorp. Klerksdorp Dam, 10 km outside Klerksdorp on the Ventersdorp-river. The Harry Oppenheimer-Stadion, between Klerksdorp and Vaal River Operations, is a favourite sporting ground for some of the track and field events of the larger ATPs. In the Northwest Province, four privately owned clinics in the town cancel the Klerksdorp health state.

Recent criminal reports for Klerksdorp police station were published by the Southern African Police (SAPS) in September 2012. Klerksdorp is still one of the safest places in the country compared to other large nationalities. Skip up to: a d e "Hauptplatz Klerksdorp".

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