The Kittilä is a Finnish community and a popular holiday resort. The Kittilä is a municipality in Finnish Lapland. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Climate">Climate[edit] Inari Sami (Kittilä: Kittâl, North Sami: Gihttel) is a Finnish community and a favourite tourist town. Levi Kittilä Levi lies on Levi Fur (in Finnish "Levitunturi") (531 meters (1742 feet)). At the beginning of each winter period, the region organizes a World Cup alpine course slot race and provides both alpine descent and cross-country skis, as well as snowshoe hiking, even until the next fall, Kätkätuntunturi, western of Levitunturi.

June 5, 2006 saw the announcement that a Canadian coal company, Agnico-Eagle Mines, will open a new Kittilä goldmine. After its completion, it will be the largest goldmine in Europe. According to analysts, the deposit contains at least three million units of bullion, measured by the actual $1.8 billion mark.

It is anticipated that the mine will generate an annual mean of 150,000 troz of bullion on an annual basis over a period of at least 13 years. The Kittilä International Airports are serviced by Blue1, Finnair and Finncomm Airlines. At Thomson Airways we also serve the UK from various UK base locations as part of our skiing flight program, as well as Christmas events and trips to help the children's charity When You Wish Upon A Star.

From November to April each year Thomas Cook Airlines also flies to Kittilä Airport from Bristol and Gatwick. It is also known that Kittilä is the cheapest registered climate in Finland's history: From 29 May to 16 July the "midnight sun" is above the horizon, and the time with continual natural light takes a little longer, the arctic light from 14 December to 29 December.

Due to its northern position and wide interior, Kittilä has a sub-arctic microclimate, which leads to severe seasonality. Between 30 May and 15 July (47 days) the day does not go down, and sunny evenings last from the beginning of May to the beginning of August. Sunrise is from 14 December to 29 December (16 days), the precise limits depend on the locality's population.

Summers are generally mild, although hot weather is possible.

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