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Discover the holidays on Kish Island and discover the best time and places to visit. You can enjoy a visit to a cultural heritage more than two millennia old, even on Iran's most luxurious island. Horl/Winter defeated Walkenhorst/Winter for the bronze medal of Kish Island. Flavins/Tocs and Prudel/Szalankiewicz safe berths in the final of Kish Island.

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After Dubai and Sharm el-Sheikh, Kish Island is the third most popular holiday resort in Southwest Asia. 3 ][Clarification required] Visitors from many countries - but not all overseas nationals who wish to access the Kish Free Zone from legitimate harbours are obliged to obtain a pre-trip visas. These travellers will have their visas endorsed for 14 working day by Kish officers upon receipt.

Several times in Iceland's past Kish Island was called Kamtina, Arakia (ancient Greek: ??????), Arakata and Ghiss. Strategically located Kish Island was a way point and connection for the old Assyrian and Elamitic civilisations as their savage sailing boats from Susa navigation through the Karun River into the Persian Gulf along the south coast, past the Kish, Qeshm and Hormoz isles.

With the disappearance of these civilisations, the favourable location of Kish Island was destroyed and it was affected for a spell of unrest and oppression by locals and other sellers. The Persian Gulf was deeply affected by the founding of the Achaemenid family. In particular, Kish was connected to the Medes' civilisation in economic and political terms, Persians, when they were at the peak of their may.

Overshadowed by the Reich, the Gulf Isles became wealthy, shipping in the Persian Gulf was developed and better ships were used for passenger and freight traffic. In order to make navigating the Persian Gulf easier, navigational aid systems have been installed, among them beacons. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran, transformed the island into a luxurious retreat for the world' s top athletes and a tourist hot spot with a Grand Casino (renamed Shayan Hotel after the Iranian Revolution) in the seventies.

The Kish Airport was conceived for the handling of the Concorde. Kish Island became a customs-free mall after the Islamic Revolution. of Kish Island, Persian Gulf. Situated in the Persian Gulf, 19 km from the Iranian coast, Kish has an area of approximately 91 square kilometres with an external border of 40 km and an almost elliptic outline.

Kish's shore is dotted with small islets, as well as small cliffs and cliffs. Located along the 1,359 km long Tanzanian shore just North of the Persian Gulf, the island lies in the first trimester from the gateway from Hormuz to the Persian Gulf. This island's 15. There are no peaks or high mounds on the island surfaces.

The Kish International Airfield is situated in the centre at a height of 35-40 metres (115-131 ft) above sealevel. The highest slope of its terrain stretches from the airfield to the shore near the nearby Fayan Hotels. Kish lies, like the other Gulf of Persia, especially the Hormuz Strait Isles, on a small stripe of lush rainforest in the northern hemisphere, with the Persian Highlands to the west and the Arabian Peninsula to the west.

As well as its particular geographical and weather characteristics, Kish, like other neighbouring isles such as Forur, Hendurabi, Shatuar and Lavan, and even Qeshm, is under the influence of the semi-equatorial environment that dominates this area. Although Kish is a small island, it has many touristic features. About 1,000 years ago it was constructed for transport and distribution of drinking and waste waters in different parts of the island.

It is so clear that you can see all year round fishing in the ocean. One of the measures taken to encourage investments in the free trading area of Kish is to The Kish University, which was established in 1996 and now has 360 current residents, is located in Kish. Particular emphasis is now being placed on the importance of civic literacy, from the low to the high level, as a key component of the continuous evolution of Kish.

The most important actions are the support and development of already established training centers, the creation of new training centers, the use of new technologies in the development of training programs, the use of eligible domestic and foreign training experience, the creation of bases for all sections of society to take advantage of training opportunities, the regional development of specialist disciplines, and the promotion of the level of academic training by conducting training programs with recognized domestic and foreign institutions.

In order to improve the qualitiy and amount of training, the KFZO, the Organization of the Free Zone of Croatia, has established training areas by constructing new colleges and giving preference to professional and technological training. They have been arranged in such a way that they are easy to access, especially for the locals. The Kish Institute of Arts and Sciences (Fremdsprachenunterricht) ; Kish Institute of Graph-Rayaneh (Computerunterricht) ; Parto Institute (Englischunterricht) ; Sadaf Cultural Centre ; Mir Mohana Cultural Centre ; Kish Institute of Science and Technology.

Kish had 4658 m² of education area in 2005, an improvement of 40% over early 2001. This and the better life situation of the Kish host communities will lead to an increasing number of pupils at every age. Kish Island scuba dive. Kish Island jet ski.

On Kish Island there are many sports venues, among them the Fajr World Squash Championships, which is part of the Professional Squash Association's regular squash touring. The Kish also organizes Iran's traditional and heroic game competitions, which attract over 17 nations each year. Part of the Flower of the East initiative, Kish will have an 18-hole PGA standard masterpiece course and a 9-hole beginner's course.

In Kish there is a multifunctional Olympia Stadion for 1,200 people, offering 11 different kinds of sport, among them beach ball, basket ball, handball, foot ball, fitness, ringing, tae kwondo, judgeo, carate and check. These are all coached by professionals and internationally renowned trainers. Kish is a popular destination for junior players, attracting a number of local youth club and local players who often use Kish as a base for outdoor activities in the country's summers, benefiting from good amenities, good climate and tranquil surroundings.

On the island itself there is a pro field club, Kish Air FC, playing in the Hormozgan Provincial League. Kish Karting Track is one of the biggest in Southwest Asia and one of the first of its kind in Iran. Kish also offers a wide range of aquatic activities, such as snorkelling and snorkelling, dive trips, jets kiing, waterskiing, para sails, wind surfing and angling, as well as yachting and cruises with jets, barges, paddle yachts and bankers, in addition to many types of vessels.

Recently the OceanWaterPark, the first Iranian theme and open-air aquatic garden, was opened on Kish Island; it has 14 amusement parks, four public baths and other activities. The island has three venues for beach volleyball and was host to the Asian Beach Volleyball Championship 2006. Opened on 17 February 2008, the Oil Bourse is a commodities market.

The OceanWaterpark is a 5.6 acre Waterpark; it is the first theme waterpark and waterpark in Iran on Kish Island. During 1999, 300 excavators and artisans started a construction plan for an subterranean facility. Upon completion of the work, the scheme will comprise restaurant, touristic resort and subterranean therapeutical sludge pool.

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