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The geographical and historical treatment of Kiribati, including maps and statistics as well as an overview of its population, economy and government. Big, detailed map of Kiribati. Kyribati on the map of the Pacific Ocean. Maps Oceania - Oceania Globes. Browseable map and satellite view of Kiribati with Google Earth data.

Browseable map and satellite view of Kiribati with Google Earth data

Mircroonesian Kiribati is an archipelago of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean just South of Marshall Islets. The Kiribas archipelago includes the Gilbert, Line and Phoenix Isles as well as Banaba (Ocean Island). Approximately 100,000 inhabitants are living on the isles. Kiribati's capitol is (south) Tarawa, which is the principal town of the Gilbert Group (50,000 inhabitants in 2010).

Simply zooming in (+) to see the Isle of Tarawa and South Tarava as well as the House of Assembly of Kiribati. There are other micronean islands: Guam, Marshall Isles, Micronesia, Nauru, Northern Mariana islands and Palau. This map shows Kiribati with places and places.

Republic of Kiribati Google Map

AI and Google Map and facts about Kiribati, (KI)..... On this page you can discover Kiribati and its frontierlands: (Location: Oceania, a group of 33 Pacific Ocean Atlas that span the equator; the capitol Tarawa is about half way between Hawaii and Australia) through satellite images - faster and easier than ever before Google Map.

On the map below you can see Kiribati with its citys, villages, motorways, main routes, road and street views. Kiribati and its position is shown on the Google map above: Oceania (geographical coordinates: 1 25 No, 173 00 E) and the Kiribati border; 0 km further the national-border.

Tip: Look at the street views in Kiribati or Oceania. The only thing you need to do is dragging the little guy (called Pegman) on the Google map over the place you want to go. Map of Kiribati, Oceania for information only. Use of this Kiribati Google Map and Facts/Wiki is at your own entirety.

Where' s Kiribati? Kiribati, if you search on the map under coordinates 1 21 N 173 02 U, otherwise in Oceania, Oceania, a group of 33 Pacific Ocean Atlas that span the equator; the capitol Tarawa is about half way between Hawaii and Australia. So what is the capitol of Kiribati?

Kiribati's capitol is: For Kiribati, what is the web site access key? How Tall Is Kiribati? Area of Kiribati is in total: 811 sqkm; land: 811 sqkm, water: 0 sqkm. When we want to describe the area of Kiribati, it is four time larger than Washington, DC.

When we want to go around and explore Kiribati, we can do so by walking the route of 0 km. Which is Kiribati's aquatic cover? We' ve already stated on this website that what proportion of Kiribati is coated with sea (see below), and this involves 1,143 km of cliff.

How is the Kiribati weather? Kiribati's weather is tropical: maritime, warm and moist, steamed by the trade wind. Heights of Kiribati; medium height: The pacific ocean 0 meters, highest point: untitled height on Banaba 81 meters. The geographic features of Kiribati are mostly deep situated reefs.

To describe the situation of the land from a different angle, one can say that Kiribati is home to 21 of the 33 Isles; Banaba (Ocean Island) in Kiribati is one of the three large Pacific Island phosphates - the others are Makatea in French Polynesia and Nauru; Kiribati is the only land in the whole wide hemisphere (North, South, East and West).

Its most important mining commodities are phosphates (discontinued in 1979), coconut ( "copra"), seafood. Some of the people use the previously prominent rural area, others in its original state: farmland: Forty-three percent (2011 estimate). Kiribati has a total of 106,925 residents (estimated July 2016). Looking at the percentage of the total demographic spread, it can be said that N/A.

Looking at the share of urbanised and sparsely inhabited areas, these are the figures: the city' s population: 3 percent of the overall populace (2015). The largest part of Kiribati's populace is focused in TARAWA (capital) 46,000 (2014). 5%, I-Kiribati/mixed 9. 7%, Tuvaluan 0. 1%, others 0. 8% (estimate 2010).

In Kiribati the following tongues are spoken: Which are the most important religion in Kiribati? 5%, none 0.2%, not specified 0.05% (2010 estimate). -13% ( (male 1,741 / female 2,677) (estimate 2016). Another important element in a given company is the demographic increase of 1.14% for Kiribati (estimated 2016).

There are two main factors in the demographic increase rate: the fertility and the mortality rates. Kiribati's fertility is 21. The mortality rates are 3 childbirths / 1,000 inhabitants (estimated 2016), 7. Number of fatalities: 1 per 1,000 inhabitants (estimated 2016). At Kiribati, the mean maternal life at the first delivery is.

For Kiribati, these are. Child death rates in Kiribati are the following: To describe a land, we must also refer to its economy: a secluded land with 33 dispersed island islands, Kiribati has few indigenous sources and is one of the least advanced Pacific island states.

With on-going investment in the country's infrastructures, and the rehabilitation of roads, Kiribati relies on external assistance, which is expected to have accounted for over 43% of the country's budget in 2013. Kiribati's GNP is 166 million dollars (estimated 2015). Another important indication is the 3.1% increase in gross domestic product in Kiribati (estimated 2016) 3.

5 percent (estimated 2015) 2. 4 percent (estimate 2014). As you will recall, in 2015, when China's actual gross domestic product grew less than anticipated, global economies fell and the China equity market was temporarily sidelined. That is $1,800 (estimate 2016) $1,800 (estimate 2015) $1,800 (estimate 2014) in Kiribati.

Which are the farm produce Kiribati makes? Kiribati's most important farm produce is coppra, bread fruit and seafood. 3 percent of the local people, rural: 50. 6 percent of the overall population: 66. 9 percent of the overall populace. Not improved: urban: 12. 7% of populations, rural: 49. 4% of populations, total: 33. 1% of populations (estimated 2015). Kiribati the number of births is 2. 43 babies per wife on avarage (estimated 2016).

There is an annual general public of 24 years of age. No. Three year-olds; male: 23. 4 years, female: 25. 1 years (estimate 2016). In Kiribati, the adult life is 18 years old in every single land of the earth, all-purpose. Kiribati has -2.9 migrants / 1,000 inhabitants (estimated 2016).

Nationality only by descent: At least one of the parents must be a Kiribati national. Kiribati's total capacity of hospitals is 1.3 bed / 1,000 inhabitants (2011). WHO assessment of infectious disease in Kiribati says the N/A. The number of HIV/AIDS fatalities in Kiribati: . In Kiribati, the adult obesity is 40.

Which are Kiribati's dangers? Kiribati's best-known habitat risk is the typhoon, which can appear at any moment, but usually from November to March; sporadic tornados; the low levels of some of the island's waters make them vulnerable to changes in seavel. Gilbert Island was ruled by the United Kingdom itself in 1971 and was completely independent in 1979 under the new name Kiribati.

In a 1979 friendly agreement with Kiribati, the USA gave up all demands on the thinly populated Phoenix and Line Island groups..... Date of Kiribati's statement of independence: 12 July 1979 (from the United Kingdom). Kiribati flag: frigate bird; colours: amber, orange, green, red, green. Which is Kiribati's judicial system?

Kiribati's judicial system is the British commonly accepted one, complemented by established custom. Through the Kiribati Legislature we can emphasize the following structures: Single Chamber House of the Assembly or Maneaba Ni Maungatabu (46 members directly voted in single and multiple election districts with a two round suffrage, 1 member nominated by the Rabi Council of Leaders - representative of the island of Banaba, and 1 member ex officio - the Prosecutor General; members serving for 4 years) elections:

Kiribati employs 39,000 people (estimate 2010). In Kiribati, please note that the overall number of dead people is 33. 2 / 1,000 living-born; male: 34. 4 dead / 1,000 live-births, female: 31. 9 dead / 1,000 live-births (estimate 2016) - as already underlined.

Kiribati has an unemployed state of 30. 6 percent (estimate 2010). The Oxfam 2017 scandalous Oxfam reports that the wealth of the wealthiest eight is the wealth of the very poor. Compare household incomes and household use in Kiribati to the total population: 10% lowest:

The GINI index in Kiribati is N/A. Kiribati has the least number of inhabitants below the poor: the people who live below the poor: the majority: Kiribati's purse is: revenue: 179.9 million dollars (2013 estimate). 2 % of GDP (2013 estimate). In Kiribati the business year is N/A. 1% (estimate 2016), 0.6% (estimate 2015) and the interest rates of the key interest rates of the merchant bank:

Kiribati, with the exports of goods, industry tooling and other service, is generating income. In Kiribati the value of exports is: $84. 75 million (2013 estimate), $62. 31 million (2012 estimate). Aggregate revenues from these activities: seafood, coir and coconuts. Kiribati's most important exports are the N/A. Its most important imports are: foods, machines and equipments, various finished goods, fuels and the country from which the imports come:

Kiribati, the index of how much hydropower is used to generate is 0% of the overall power output in place (2012 estimate). In order to indicate how much other renewables are generated, the 0% of the overall power output is ("2012 estimate"). About Kiribati we can say the following: generally good domestic nationwide and internationally quality: wired services on Tarawa and Kiritimati (Christmas Island); links to the far away isles by HF/VHF radio telephone; wireles services in Tarawa since 1999international: Countrycode - 686; ground stations - 1 Intelsat (Pacific Ocean) (2015).

Kiribati's airports: 19 (2013) and the number of helipads: In Kiribati the overall length of the roads is 670 km (2011). In Kiribati the overall length of the waterways: 5 km (small canal system in Line Islands) (2012). Going to Kiribati? When you plan to fly to Kiribati, try our airline tickets compare page, where you can select from among a hundred of airlines and deals.

Are you looking for accomodation in Kiribati, Oceania? Kiribati Republic, abbreviated conventionally: Kiribati, long version: Kiribati Republic, abbreviated locally: Kiribati. KiribatiGeographic coordinates: City of Kiribati: TarawaGPS of the capital: Like this Kiribati information page?

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