Is a four-part British mini-series for crime dramas on television starring Sarah Lancashire. downpour Whipping doctor Mona Shirani becomes sad when her beloved sister is killed while working for a health care organization abroad. An unhappy dad puts the blame for his child's teenage demise on a high-performing dream counselor, a three-part tragedy that is part of the London hospital's dream team. Reconstructing his crushed existence, David Collins struggles when his sentence for murdering his woman after seven years in a high-security jail is topped.

After her alienated dad has returned from a 30-year vacation, The Defoes - a familiy of women' alienation attorneys - is compelled to face her past. Featuring superintendent Elizabeth Bancroft, a woman investigator with an explosively mysterious mind. Investigators in London who investigate the apparently arbitrary killing of a supplier of quality pizzas reveal a confused case of intertwining conditions within a cross-section of UK civilisation.

There are two investigators with conflicting views who are compelled to work together in a pre-apocalyptic delinquent underworld. An industrious nursing woman who is losing her job due to whistleblowing must take dramatic action to feed her child. Prosperous philosopher Rachel Argyll is assassinated on her Sunny Point home. Your adopted child Jack Argyll is under arrest for her assassination.

Abstract of the series: A dramatic account of the kidnapping and killing of a young female boy who is about to be adopted by her caring whites, and the traces of lying, guilt, guilt, and celebrity that result. From Hulu and collected in the USA, it says; National Treasure: Kiri.

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