Use the Kirakira Power slider to adjust the light. " I love your glitter nail polish, can I use it on KiraKira?" Among the seven filters are Twinkle, Airly, Color, Shine, Bling-bling, Blare and the title Kirakira itself. kira-kira (kee ra kee ra ra): glittering; shiny glittering.

We will explain exactly what Kirakira+ App is for this test. The Kirakira+ Online is a great way to share your story.

kirakira+ on the App Store

  • Taking the picture and movie with amazing sparkling effect. - you may create "kirakiragraph" from a still screen. - Light with the Kirakira Energy Slide. - Due to the current state at the moment of recording, the movie might not all glisten or sparkle. If you have any problem or have any question or suggestion, please do not hesitate to ask us:

This is the first application I ever used my funds for. Now, every goddamn moment I try to shoot a movie, it's like a gradual freezing.... and it gets stuck during the film. Might it be the mobile handset in which the application does not work with my mobile (iPhone 6+)?

I' ve upgraded this application to the latest version and it still has the same problem, I've turned my mobile off and on again, I've also erased and re-downloaded this application AND upgraded my mobile to the latest one. I' d have given a 5 stars review, but the only thing I find a problem is not being able to "knock" where the sparkle effect should be or shouldn't be.... for example, if I take a self-ie, the sparkle effect would be on my eye and I don't want it to be and you don't have the ability to delete it... if the developer could give me an opportunity where the sparkle would be placed and eliminated, that would be great!

KiraKira: Everything about the Sparkle filter that takes over your instagram feed

Keeping such a great screen to yourself is virtually a girls versus girls felony, so here's all you need to know about KiraKira. There are seven different types of filtering, from clear, light sparkling to multi-coloured gloss on a monochrome backdrop, you have choices when it comes to your Kirakira character. Among the seven are Twinkle, Airly, Color, Shoine, Bling-bling, Blare and the Titan Kirakira itself.

Like Snapchat, move the brush to the right and lefthand sides to switch the filters. If you choose the luster of your face or a hardly perceptible shimmer, the amount of glitter you want to show depends on you, thanks to a tool bar in the upper right area.

It is better to attenuate the filters a little so that they are not too powerful for items that are already quite light-reflecting (sequins, metal jewelry). It makes a big deal of a lot of difference to give an additional push on smaller, fine areas that are more difficult to see (e.g. glittering lipsticks or nails stickers).

Particularly when you film forward, that is: for geeks. Now you can capture both movies and still pictures, while the application previously only worked in Movie view only, you can also capture still pictures with a current upgrade, both with the front view as well as in Autoie view. Your pictures and movies are instantly saved to your role, so don't get puzzled if it looks like nothing happens after you finish shooting.

Switch on the strobe to get more luster, and while it works best with light-emitting subjects, the addition of additional lighting to the application can help absorb more sparkle. You can turn on your phone's strobe in the upper right hand side of the screen to highlight your subjects in a lower lighting setting. There are two other applications available with Creation Kentaro Yama: A-HDR and AVDR2, two image processing applications that let you convert a simple photograph into an HDR-like image.

Whilst we haven't tried them out for ourselves (also at 99 Cent per piece), we can see that they are quite auspicious if they are something like Kirakira.

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