Our aim is to provide you with high quality Kinkalow kittens and to perfect the breed. Kinkalow is a kind of dwarf cat similar to Munchkin with its short legs. You can find information about the Kinkalow cat breed here. Kinkalow cat was developed by Terri Harris using the American Curl Cat and Munchkin Cat. Kinkalow is a rare cat breed originating in the United States.


Kinkalow originates from the mid 90' and is a newer cat race. She only wanted to see what the outcome of the crossing would be through this experimentation programme, but she was able to design a new race that showed both shorter feet and wavy eyes (the two most distinctive characteristics of the parental breeds).

Kinkalow is an extremely unusual and unusual species. The race was recognised by the International cat Association (TICA) as an Experimental race, and the race was also recognised by the Dwarf Cats Association (TDCA). When you are considering bringing a Kinkalow into your household, it is important to work with a serious grower as this will help to keep your little kitten healthy.

Kinkalow originates from the mid 90' and is a newer cattery. Although the Kinkalow is a small kitten, it can move well in any case. Since this race is also known for having fun with their humans, it is advisable to play with their pets every single second.

If you are looking for a petting cats, the Kinkalow will not let you down. All in all, the Kinkalow has a lovely character that makes him a good option for single people, couples with children and other domestic animals and senior citizens. Giving them the room they need to gamble, as well as the care and love they yearn for, makes them perfect domestic animals and a companion for the whole group.

If you look at a Kinkalow, you can see that this race is a mixture of the natural properties of its parents, the Munchkin and the American Curl. The Munchkin makes this kitten a miniature cat, so it has long bodies and long feet.

Overall, the kinkalow is small in height, and the cock, which is called graceful, can be even longer than the length of the bod. With the American Curl, this kitten will also have wavy eyes that will give it an enchanting appearance. There are different levels of curling in the ear.

Catkins begin with straigth-eared like other races, but their eyes ripple gradually as they age. Some kinkalows, however, never produce the wavy ear, although they do have the genetic make-up. Kinkalow can have any colour and design. That means you may find one kinkalow with a piece of chocolaty fur and another kinkalow with a piece of chocolaty fur.

Kinkalow's coats can be long or shorts, but they will also be slippery, fluffy, shiny or slick. In order to make your pet's hair look good, you can just clean it every week, making it a good race for family members and people who don't want to be wasted.

However, if you are brushing your Kinkalow, he will certainly get the spotlight, so this should definitely become part of your daily grind to take good charge of your fuzzy mate.

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