Kingsman: Intelligence (2014) Destruction of her head office and holding the globe to ransom, the King's voyage led her to discover an Alliance espionage organisation in the United States. The most powerful of the Earth's greats must come together and teach themselves to battle as a crew if they want to stop the wicked Loki and his foreign armies from slaying people. Having been imprisoned in an Afghanistan cavern, multimillionaire Tony Stark has created a weapons armament to combat it. Equipped with a superb outfit with the amazing skill to contract in size, but enhance thickness, Feline Raider Scott Lang must include his inner heroes and help his supervisor, Dr. Hank Pym, devise and unravel a rape that will rescue the Earth.

In a new amusement arcade erected on the Jurassic Park's former site, a GM HID that is evading control and going on a kill-trip. While Steve Rogers is struggling to take on his part in the contemporary realm, he is working with a colleague from Avenger and S. H. I. E. L. D., Black Widow, to fight a new historical threat: an attacker known as the Winter Soldier.

If Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to launch a slumbering peace programme named Ultron, things go terribly awry and it's up to Earth's most powerful hero to stop the villain Ultron from realising his horrible agenda.

Kingsman: Golden Circle (2017)

An espionage organisation is recruiting an unpolished but highly likely homeless child into the agency's ultra-competitive education programme, just as a worldwide menace from a distorted technology whiz is emerging. Trapped on the planets of Sakaar, Thor must run against the clock to get back to Asgard and stop Ragnarok, the devastation of his kingdom, by the hand of the mighty and reckless rogue Hela.

Driven by his re-established belief in mankind and inspire by Superman's unselfish act, Bruce Wayne brings the help of his newly found allies, Diana Prince, to face an even greater foe. Guardians must struggle to keep their newly found families together as they uncover the secret of Peter Quill's real heritage.

An eloquent hired hand with a moral grasp of humour is subject to a villain experimentation that will leave him with quickened power of recovery and the pursuit of avenge. Crashing and telling of conflicts in the outside worlds, Diana, a woman soldier from the Amazon, is leaving home to wage a battle and discover her full power and real doom.

But Logan's efforts to conceal himself from the rest of the worid are reversed, and his heritage is turned around when a young giant comes in, haunted by evil mores. If Harry Merlin gives a last greeting, he uses a US military (or British navy) styled greeting instead of the British (and Scottish) army styled one. A flask in a hidden partition.

: Okay, so your mysterious flask, huh? Looks like right there? Yeah. "Jackson had starred Richmond Valentine in the last Kingsman movie.

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