King Roald

His Majesty King Roald

His Majesty King Roald III (better known as King Roald) is the current ruler of the wealthy Kingdom of Misthalin. Roald plays a role in various quests and is the King of Varrock. The current ruler of the wealthy Kingdom of Misthalin is King Roald Remanis III, better known as King Roald.

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King Roald VIII names him, although he is the third. His Majesty King Roald is the answer to the media diagram hint: He is the sire of King Roald II, a royal who is known for his effort to recapture the shield of Arrav from the Phoenix Gang and the Black Arm Gang.

Though little is currently known about the early story of King Roald, it is known that he had a spoiled education by reading from the palace's bibliographer, Reldo. From his ascent to king Roald III was generally acknowledged by most as a gooduler. Nevertheless, there are some groups who believe that Roald is feeble towards the Church of Saradomin, and others who would go so far as to see him murdered.

On the Arrav Shield expedition, gamers must pay a courtesy to King Roald for the return of the Arrav Shield to the Varrock Museum. King Roald had no part in the original game, but an upgrade gave him a small share at the end of the game. Begin the Priest in danger adventure by talking to King Roald.

Throughout the" What is beneath us" questgame, he is under the spells of Surok Magis and is compelled to battle the game. On the same date that the expedition was published, King Roald's artwork was reworked. When you have done the Peace and Quiet Year before you do what is below, King Roald will say things like that he detests you because you grow his yard and he detests it.

As Roald is proposed to be avaricious - as seen in Arrav's Sign, if he only paid the gambler half of the price his grandpa spent to win the Sign back, and again in danger when he mentioned that he had sent a miner to look for Drezel, but all the miners wanted to pay for the deed.

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