Killzone Hakha

Kill Zone Hakha

A semi-help hat, Gregor Hakha works as a secret agent for the Colonial Intelligence Service at the ISA. This is one of four playable characters in Killzone. Killzone Wiki A semi-help hat, Gregor Hakha works as a intelligence officer for the Colonial Intelligence Service at the ISA. Before defecting, he was a reliable helper and fiancé of General Joseph Lente, the forerunner of the Helghast Vekta incursion. Hakha even acted as Lente's chief of staff at one point.

Hakha, a colonel, converted to ISA just before the Vekta incursion and resisted the dictatorial character of Scolar Visari. by the Helghans of Vekta. Soon after his ISA bodyguard was defeated, he was saved from certain deaths by Captain Jan Templar, Sergeant Rico and Shadow Marshal Luger and worked with them to defeat General Lente.

As the fatally injured Lente tries to annoy him by tell Hakha that Lente murdered his sibling on Helghan, Hakha immediately kills him with a scattergun. Concerning Hakha's other relations, it is known that his mum Helghast and dad are human. He' s an authority on Helghast weapons and technologies as he has powerful engineering and spying capabilities.

He' also cures quicker than an average person. He' often collided with Rico over his Helgean legacy. Though his kill zone encounter with General Adams is not a cannon, it is the most tragic and adept of all 4 possible ends. Not appearing in the following matches, it is suspected that he withdrew his army committee and helped the Vektan Council prepare their counter-attack against Heligans, even proposing to send Luger to remove Scolar Visari and end his threatening once and for all.

"of a frontal assault on a Helghast 3-3 fire base. Although I have my doubts that Captain Templar thinks otherwise. "between the Templars and Luger. Hakha is spoken of Sean Pertwee, who also speaks Colonel Mael Radec in Killzone 2.

The only narrator in the show to act as Helghast character against and for Scolar Visari is Sean Pertwee. Hakha's favourite gun is the StA-52 Sturmgewehr, which shows above-average precision. The Hakha is the first known "half-breed" of the show, both with human and Helghast pedigree.

Second is Justus Harkin, a little kid, born to the vectan ambassador who is performing at Killzone Mercenary. It is the first gameable hero hat in the Killzone range of campaigns. Killzone's echo:

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