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href="/immigration_vigil_press_advisory">Press consulting: Interreligious vigil on family separation and immigration takes place in Topeka on Monday

The KIFA (pronounced "KEE-fa") supporter are marked by the value of our different beliefs, which link us to an age-old quest for righteousness, tranquillity and respect for humanity. Anchored in the belief, we join Hands about distinction to work for common ethical policies in Kansas. Though President Trump has lifted the order to divorce frontier refugee applicants, over 2,000 refugee dependents are still living apart from their US family.

Moreover, the continuing "zero tolerance" politics replaces another unfair and inhuman (and contrary to public property law) politics - the imprisonment of families - the rejected politics of separating families. During the six wards of the Kansas camp, we had a consequent involvement of over 100 persons per Week, with between 11 and 18 civilian insubordination detentions every WK.

We often had about 10% of PPC detentions across the nation here in Kansas. And we were particularly happy about the consequent participation of some religious leader in the state. Citizens hip is at an all-time low and racial electoral oppression legislation is on the increase because of fears that citizens will ask for what they really need - real, vibrant salaries, easy healthcare, good value for money and a working welfare net of service and a penal system that is financed and conceived to actually help those who are not lying or concealing the facts, even if it is aching.

The KIFA combines national efforts of belief to stop the division of the family, and throughout the entire land indignant about the enforced division of the family that is trying to seek refuge at the US borders. Believers are particularly vociferous against this horrific and inhuman politics - we too should be. It is the aim of this website and the campaigns it is supporting to give Americans of all denominations tangible possibilities for acting and to stand up for an end to the inhuman way in which our nations treat our fragile siblings.

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