Khyber Pass Road

The Khyber Pass Road

Before the Kushan era, the Khyber Pass was not a widespread trade route. Known invasions of the area mainly took place over the Khyber Pass. Corrugated metal roof facades were along the dusty street.

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Khyberpass (Pashto: ? ???? ????, Urdu: ? ???? ????) is a peak pass in northwestern Pakistan, on the Afghan frontier. It has long been of considerable importance for Euro-Asian commerce in terms of culture, economy and geopolitics as an integrated part of the old Silk Road. Over the course of time, it has been an important trading lane between Central Asia and South Asia and a strategically important base for the war.

It is 5 km inside Pakistan at Landi Kotal, while the deepest point is at Jamrud in the Peshawar valley. Khyber Pass is part of Asian Highway 1 (AH1). Known Khyber Pass infantries, such as the Darius I and Genghis Khan invaders and later Mongols such as Duwa, Qutlugh Khwaja and Kebek, were the most common.

Before the Kushan period, the Khyber Pass was not a widespread trading area. Among the Islamic incursions on the sub-continent of India, Mahmud Ghaznavi, the Afghan Muhammad Ghori and the Turk-Mongols are the infamous invadors crossing the Khyber Pass. The Mullagori land is situated just off the Khyber Pass.

Afridi Tirah lies in the southern part, while the people living in the pass are Africans themselves. The Pashtun clan, especially the Africans and the Afghan Shinwaris, have over the ages considered the pass as their own sanctuary and imposed a tax on travelers for secure escort. After the First World War, the British strategically constructed a highly technical railroad over the pass.

Khyberpass Railway from Jamrud near Peshawar to the Afghans at Landi Kotal was opened in 1925. It became known to tens of thousand Westerners and Japanese who travelled from Kabul to the Afghans in the hippy years.

Travellers were told not to leave the road at the Pakistan border guard, as it was a hardly undercontrolled tribal area administered by the federal government. Then after the custom clearance, a fast day trip over the pass was made. The Khyber Pass was an important way of replenishing NATO troops with armaments and supplies during the Afghanistan peace process since the beginning of the 2001 Afghanistan incursion.

Nearly 80 per cent of the NATO and US shipments imported by road were shipped via the Khyber Pass. Pakistan completed the pakistan in January 2009 as part of a defence campaign against the Taliban guerrilla. The main focus of this naval operations was Jamrud, a Khyberstrasse area.

In reaction to this, the Taliban rebels in early February 2009 provisionally blocked the Khyberpass by blasting an important viaduct. The already complex relations with Pakistan (always blamed by the US for accepting the Taliban in this area without notifying it) became harsher in 2010 after NATO troops carried out an assault with UAVs over the duration of the duran line, crossed the Afghan line and killed three Moroccan troops on the excuse of weakening Taliban swarm.

PAKYPISTAN responded by shutting down the pass on 30 September, causing a convoi of several NATO lorries to line up at the sealed borders. 8 ] NATO leaders had to formally apologise to the Pakistani authorities for the restoration of supplies on this passport. The Khyber Agency management stopped the Khyber Pass operation again in August 2011[9], as the uprisings against NATO troops, which had for some time undergone numerous lorry raids to support the NATO and ISAF allies across the entire borders, were more frequent.

These instabilities led the Pakistan Oil Tanker Owners Association to call for more security from the Pakistani and US governments, which threatened not to provide oil to the Afghans. Several places around the globe have been renamed after the Khyber Pass: "Khyber Pass" is Cockney Rhyme-Slang, which means "ass". The use of the word is mentioned in the 1968 movie Up the Khyber.

The Khyber Pass Road is a main road in the suburbs of Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand. This is a winding and winding road up the West Cliff near Whitby, UK. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Twilight Histories has an episode entitled "Napoleon in Afghanistan", which partially happens in the Khyberpass.

Vampire weekend tune "M79" refers to the Khyber Pass. Tom Cochrane's track "Life Is a Highway" (by Rascal Flatts and others) refers to the Khyber Pass. Ministry's Rio Grande Blood (2006) has a track named "Khyber Pass", which describes it as a possible hideout for the then missed and, by and large, Osama bin Laden.

Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spas is a health resort in Gulmarg Jammu and Kashmir. Khyber Pass' is a MTB route that links the Top of the World Track at Whistler Resort with Whistler Creekside Village. G.N., Afghanistan 1919 (Asia Publishing House, 1962).

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