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Seah, Eng Khway - Biographic record

The MRCS of July 31, 1924; the FRCS of June 8, 1933; the LRCP of 1924. Birth on 27 June 1899 in Singapore, he was the father of Seah-Liang Seya and his family. Mr. H. H. was trained at the University of Hong Kong and King's College Hospital, London, where he worked as an Assistance Officier. He got to marry an British woman who lived through it with a girl and two boys.

Death in Findon, Sussex, on August 29, 1949, at the age of 50. {\a660, no memoirs, information from Ms. Seah. }

Cassandra Khway - Summoner Statistics - League of Legends

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Maung Maung: Gentleman, Scholar, Patriot

Maung Maung (1925-94) was a man of many sides: scientist, military, nationalist, internatonalist, member of parliament and civil service. He lived seven centuries of politic, economical and socio turbulences in the land he loves and serves, Myanmar. Being a lawyer, Dr. Maung Maung knew that the Act must continue to be applicable to evolving society's needs.

Writing important scientific books and lighthearted reports, he seasoned his ironic observation of weakness. It was a sharp eyewitness to people' s strength and weaknesses. Being a man of things, he was able to understand the shortcomings of the institution he was serving and which did not meet their ideal.

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