Common Khuzdar is the capital of Khuzdar district in the central part of Baluchistan province, Pakistan.

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Brahui ( "Brahui/Balochi") is the chief town of the district of Khuzdar in the centre of Balochistan County. Khuzdar was the historical capitol of Jhalawan in the Khanat of Kalat. It became part of the Balochistan State Union from October 1952 to 1955.

Khuzdar became the capitol of the new Kalat Division in 1955. Khuzdar is currently the third biggest town in Baluchistan after Quetta and Turbat and at the same time the biggest Brahui town. It belonged to the Kingdom of Jhalawan in the early seventeenth centuries, but soon became part of the Khanate of Kalat, where it stayed until a succession of rebellions during the rule of Khudadad Khan (1857-1893).

In 1896, after the Khudadadad' killing, the authorities of Kalat were restored[2] Khuzdar was the main town and the biggest town in Jhalawan in the Khanat of Kalat. In 1903, under a contract with Kalat, the British nominated a British police officer in Khuzdar. Khuzdar was founded as the division's head office when the Balochistan State Union became the Kalat Division.

In June 2009, Khuzdar was once again set up as the division head office by the Pakistan People's Party as well. The Khuzdar is a study centre for the Baluchistan region. It has a number of state and privately owned universities, among them the following: The Khuzdar lies at the top of a small dale at an altitude of 1,237 meters (4,058 ft).

In spite of this height, Khuzdar, like most of Baluchistan, has a dry weather (Köppen BWh) with very low and irregular precipitation. In contrast to most parts of the provinces, the strongest mean precipitation comes from the Asiatic monsoons in July and August, although this precipitation tends to be very irregular and in many summer there is no significant precipitation at all.

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