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Chemisset: Khemisset, city, North-Central-Morocco. Big savings on hotels in Khemisset, Morocco online. dp="mw-headline" id="Referenzen">Referenzen[edit]>> The town Khemisset (Arabic: ???

?????; Berber languages: ????????) is a town in Morocco with 131,542 inhabitants, which was included in the 2014 Moroccan census[1] It is located on the highway A 2 between Rabat (81 km) and Meknès (57 km) and is the provincial capitol of Khémisset. Between 1912 and 1914, the French constructed a 600 mm narrow-gauge railroad from Rabat via Souk el Abra des Sehoul, Tiflet, Dar Caid Bou Driss to Khemisset.

Later the old railway siding of the narrow-gauge railway to Rabat Khemisset was constructed between Tiflet and Khemessite.

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Maaziz291.05.09..The countryside municipality27721217171412161679190 inhabitants are living in the centre, known as Mâaziz; 2981 inhabitants are living in the countryside. Oulmes291.05.11.11.Rural community4107190140140140140149460 inhabitants living in the centre, named 0ulmes; 9554 inhabitants living in the countryside. Tiddas291.05.13..Rural community257511831011831313584 inhabitants living in the centre, known as Tidass; 8247 inhabitants living in outbuildings. The Sidi Allal El Bahraoui291.09.17.3521529911152889884 inhabitants are living in the centre, known as Sidi Allal El Bahra; 5415 inhabitants are living in outbuildings.

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Khemisset, city, North-Central-Morocco. This city is nestled between the emperor towns of Rabat and Meknès, on the outskirts of the highlands of Morocco. It' a marketing center for the Zemmour Amazigh (Berber) (see Berber). There is a sand plain just south of Khemisset with commercial woodlands of corks and eucalypts, while the city itself is in an area that is intensely farmed with grain (mostly wheat) and lemon fruit and in which cattle are kept.

Zemmour Amazigh are known for their rugs and rugs made of midget holly fibers and wools and for their wood carvings.

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