Chabarowsk (Russian: ?????

?????, khah-BAH-ruhvsk) is a city on the river Amur in the Russian Far East, near the Chinese border. Chabarovsk is a city in Russia, the capital of the Khabarovsk region and the Far East. Chabarowsk or Chabarowsk (Russian: ??????????, khah-BAH-ruhvsk) is a city on the Amur in the Russian Far East, near the Chinese border. Chabarovsk, city and administrative center of Khabarovsk kray (region), Far East-Russia.

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Chabarovsk industrial town; municipal administration; Amurbrücke; Count Murawjew-Amurski; cathedral; Pushkinstraße 39a; musical comedy theatre. Local hamlets near the site of the prospective Khabarovsk according to an English card from 1773. Hitcha " is the name of the nearest town to the present Khabarovsk. Later, the town was given the name "Boli"??? in Chinese) and was inspected by old Chinese minesmen.

Heishui ( translated black water ) was the old name of the Heilong River, also known as Amur by the Russians), known as Heishuiduhufu (?????, Regierung von Heishui). Liao and Jin dynasties (two states ruled by the Khitan and Jurchen peoples in Northeast Asia) took over Boli before the Mongols took the town.

The Ming and Qing took command of the town. By the mid-17th centrury, the Amur Valley was the site of enmities between the Cossacks of Russia, who tried to extend into the area and receive homage from the locals, and the up-and-coming Manchu Qing family, who wanted to secure the area for themselves.

State-of-the-art historic Qing era postcards in China highlight the location of the Khabarovsk of the future as Bólì (Chinese: ??). The entire central and lower Amur regions belonged to the province of Jilin in nominal terms, which first ran out of Ninguta and later out of Jilin city. 1894 a branch of the Russian Geographical Society was founded in Khabarovsk to establish a library, theatre and museum in the town.

Khabarovsk's culture has developed since then. Khabarovsk Art Museum shows a unique selection of old Soviet iconography. The Khabarovsk bridge over the Amur was finished in 1916, so that trans-Siberian lines could pass the bridge without ferry boats (or temporarily crossing the ice cold water rivers in winter). Khabarovsk was the scene of Khabarovsk war crimes trials after Japan's failure in the Second World War, in which twelve former members of the Japanese Kwantung Army and Unit 731 for the production and use of bioweapons were tried during the Second World War.

November 5, 1956 saw the commissioning of the first stage of the light rail system. Khabarovsk TV studios began to broadcast in 1960. The Khabarovsk Institute of Physical Education, today the State Academy of Physical Culture in the Far East, was opened on 1 September 1967. Khabarovsk was conferred the Order of the October Revolution on 14 January 1971.

1976 the town organized an icehockey competition with the football for the Sovietskaya Rossia award. 1981 the Bandy World Championship was staged in the town. Khabarovsk was the venue for the first election of the mayor in 1996. Khabarovsk main plaza was reconstructed in 1998.

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, ordered the formation of new federation circles in May 2000, and Khabarovsk became the centre of the Far East. During 2006, the Centre for Cardiovascular Surgery, a high-tech medicine centre, was built after a Russians own healthcare initiative. Khabarovsk was the host of the 2009 EU-Russia Summit.

During 2010 the town organized a Ussuri Cossack Grand Circle Meet. Khabarovsk was granted the honourable distinction "City of Military Glory" on November 3, 2012. Chabarowsk is experiencing a monsoon, dry-winter moist continent climatic (Köppen climatic class Dwb). Khabarovsk (Russia) and Fuyuan (China) are connected by an internationally available high-speed optical fibre cabling.

It is the most important railroad centre and is situated on the Trans-Siberian Railroad; the Moscow route is 8,523 km away. Chabarovsk Airport serves Khabarovsk Nowy with intercontinental services to East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe-Russia and Central Asia. From Lenin Square, a stroll along Muravyov-Amursky Street leads to Utyos am Amur, where the visitor will find a number of traditionally decorated souvenir stores and local food.

In contrast to Vladivostok, the town has never been locked to aliens, although it is the Far East military district headquarter, and keeps its historical cosmopolitan taste. Chabarovsk is home to an estimated one million China citizens per year, and overseas investments by companies in Japan and Korea have increased in recent years.

There is a multi-storey commercial centre and about a dozen inns. Serysheva Street 15 is the seat of the Eastern Military District of Russia. Also there is an airport 3 km (1.9 miles) easterly of the town. Khabarovsk Amur, a pro icehockey team of the Continental League, is playing its home matches in the Platinum Arena.

Khabarovsk FC SIKA, a top level Russia Premier League player, is a top level Russia Premier League player. Neftyanik Yerofey, a pro tennis band set in the high-ranking Yerofey arena of the Russia Super League. The 2016-17 campaign saw the side become Russia's first champion[33] and defend their championship titles in the following year.

In 2006,[41] 2008[42] and 2009 Khabarovsk took first place in various category of the "Most Developed and Comfortable City of Russia". Khabarovsk took second place on the Forbes ranking of the most appropriate Russian companies in 2010. Statistical Committee of the Russian Federation. Russian Federation Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Certification.

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