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It is an island and city in the Strait of Florida on the North American continent. Official website of the City of Key West, Florida. Key West, the southernmost point of the USA, is known for its water sports, lively nightlife, beaches and historic sites.

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"Southernmost Town in the Continental United States" Die Stadt ist der Kreissitz von Monroe county, "The Conch Republic". The town limits encompass the Key West archipelago and several neighbouring islets, in whole or in part: The Sigsbee Park, Fleming Key, Sunset Key and the north part of Stock Iceland.

All of the city's lands cover 5.6 sq. km (14.5 km2). Key West is the south end of the U.S. Route 1, the State Road A1A, the East Coast Greenway and, before 1935, the Florida East Coast Railway. The Key West is located 208 km south-west of Miami by air, 9 km by road about 260 km and 171 km from Havana.

Key West is a destination for many cruising vessels. 11] Key West International Airport offers flight connections. Due to the tropic climate, Key West is an important year-round location for marine flying, which is why Key West was elected President Harry S. Truman's Winter White House.

Duval Street is the main shopping area, covering much of the North West part of the Isle. One Human Family" is the town' s slogan. "In 1763, when the British took over Florida, the Spaniards and Indians were transferred to Havana. Twenty years later Florida came back under Spaniards supervision, but there was no formal relocation of the Isle.

Formally, the islands were used by Cuban and British fishers, who were later followed by others from the United States after the latter became independent. 1815 The Havana government of the State of Cuba handed over the Key West to Juan Pablo Salas, an army sergeant of the Royal Naval Artillery, stationed in Saint Augustine, Florida.

When Florida was taken to the United States in 1821, Salas was so keen to resell the islands that he resold them twice - first for a $575 dollar shell to a General John Geddes, a former South Carolina Gouverneur, and then to a U.S. business man, John W. Simonton, during a January 19, 1822 meet at a cafe in Havana for the $2,000 peso cake in 1821.

Gefdes tried in vain an attempt to protect his ownership of the Simonton estate, which, with the help of a few powerful Washington buddies, won a clear victory for the Isle. John Whitehead, a good acquaintance of his, had made him aware of the island's potential in terms of strategy.

After a wreck in 1819, John Whitehead was beached in Key West and was struck by the depth of the island's harbour. In fact, the Gibraltar of the West was regarded as its strategically advantageous position on the 140 km wide, shallow Florida Strait, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Lieutenant Matthew C. Perry set sail for Key West on 25 March 1822 and plant ing the US flagg, claims ing the Keys as the United States' possession. 14 ] No protest was raised against the US claims on Key West, so that the Florida Keys became the possession of the United States.

Having claimed the Florida Keys for the United States, Perry Cayo Hueso (Key West) redesignated Hueso as Thompson's Island, Smith Thompson as Secretary of the Navy, and Port Rodgers Port in honour of the war veteran of 1812 and President of the Navy Supervisors Board John Rodgers. Commodore David Porter of the United States Navy West Indies Anti-Pirate Squadron took over the leadership of Key West in 1823, whom he governed as a naval militaristict ( but, according to some, who? ]).

The American Navy has ordered him to end pirate activities in the Key West area, as well as slavery vessels. Shortly after his acquisition, John Simonton divided the islands into lots and sells three whole districts of each lot: Both John Mountain and US Consul John Warner quickly passed their neighborhood on to Pardon C. Greene, who settled on the isle.

He is the only of the four "founding fathers" to have settled down here as a permanent resident, where he became well known as the director of P.C. Greene and Company. A member of the town council [15], he also briefly held the office of burgomaster. This is John Whitehead, his boyfriend, who told him to buy Key West.

John Whitehead only stayed in Key West for eight years. As a life-long young man, he abandoned the isle in 1832 for good. In 1822 Leeming stayed only a few month in Key West and went to Massachusetts where he got heeded. In 1832 he went back to Key West to develop the production of sea salts on the islands, but in the same year he passed away at the young age of 51.

Mr. Simonton lived the winters in Key West and the summers in Washington, where he worked for the advancement of the islands and the establishment of a marine bases on the islands to take full benefit of the island's strategical position and restore order to the city. When the four founders [17] of the Key West were first plated in 1829 by William Adee Whitehead, John Whitehead's younger sibling, the four founders were given the name of the island's major veins.

The Duval St, the island's major road, is designated after Florida's first territory Governor, who was the longest servant in Florida's U.S. past between 1822 and 1834. It had to preserve the Genie, copy of his paper as well as copy from the "Key West Gazette", her forerunner. Later he sent these photocopies to the secretary of Monroe County for safekeeping, which gives us a valuable insight into Key West's early 1820-1840s.

1864 became a symbol of the South Florida ecclesiastical tradition when five Holy Name nuns of Jesus and Mary from Montreal, Canada, came and founded the first South Florida Roman Catholic denomination. Convent of Mary Immaculate, Florida's oldest Roman Catholic college, now known as Mary Immaculate Star of the Sea Schools.

Throughout the American Civil War, while Florida split and entered the Confederate States of America, Key West stayed in the U.S. Union's possession because of the Marine Foundation. 19 ] Zachary Taylor Castle, built between 1845 and 1866, was an important Key West post during the Civil War. In 1861, work began on two more fortresses, the East and West Martello Towers, which were used as side arms and battery for the fortress.

19 ] Fort Jefferson, about 109 km from Key West, was used after the Civil war as a jail for Dr. Samuel A. Mudd, who was sentenced for conspiring to set the fractured bone of John Wilkes Booth, the attacker of President Abraham Lincoln. Many Cubans took shelter in Key West during the Ten Years Revolution (an unlucky Soviet Revolutionary Army in the eighteen sixties and seventies).

USS Maine was sailing from Key West to her destiny in Havana, where she took to the air and went down in the port of Havana, triggering the Spanish-American War. Crew members from the vessel are interred in Key West, and the naval investigations into the explosion took place at Key West Customs House. Until 1912, Key West was relatively insulated when it was linked to the Florida continent by Henry M. Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway (FEC), which extended the Overseas Railway.

In 1935, the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 devastated much of the railway and murdered several hundred inhabitants, among them some 400 World War I vets who lived in warehouses and worked on highway and Moskito River Patrol in the Middle Keys. Created in 1926 in Key West, Pan American Airlines was initially established to serve Havana to tourists.

Postal service was known as Key West, Florida - Havana mailing itinerary. Kennedy should make full use of "90 Leagues from Cuba" in his speech against Fidel Castro. For his part, Kennedy himself paid a visit to Key West a fortnight after the solution to the Cuba crisis. Before the 1959 Cuba revolution, there were frequent flights and ferries between Key West and Havana.

1982 the town of Key West briefly proclaimed its "independence" as Conch Republic in a 1982 protests against a United States Border Patrol bloc. Built on U.S. 1, where the north end of the Overseas Highway intersects the continent in Florida Capital. This was followed by a 27 km (17 miles) congestion as the border police halted every vehicle that left the keys, allegedly in search of illegals trying to gain entry to the continental United States.

The Florida Keys, which are highly dependent on the tourist industries, were paralysed. Flagging, T-shirts and other goods that represent the Conch Republic continue to be beloved gifts for Key West attendees, and the Conch Republic Independence Celebration - which includes processions and celebrations - is held every year on April 23. Urban borders encompass the Key West Isle and several surrounding islets, as well as the section of Stock Iceland just off U.S. Route 1 on the adjoining Key to the East.

Overall area of the town is 5.6 sq. km (15 km2). Sigsbee Park-originally known as Dredgers Key and Fleming Key, both in the west and Sunset Key in the west, are all contained within the urban borders. Fleming Key and Sigsbee Park are both part of Naval Air Station Key West and not accessible to the general population.

On the east side, the new section is New Town and includes commercial centres, commercial centres, residential areas, colleges, ball parking and Key West International Airport. Keys West and most other keys are located on the line between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Straits of Florida is the area where the two solids blend between Key West and Cuba. Meanwhile, the hottest marine water on the US continent in terms of temperature is in the Florida Keys in winters, with average seabed temperature from December to February ranging from 75 to 77°F.

The Duval Road, its major road, is 1.8 km long and crosses the Gulf of Mexico on a length of 14 blocks to the Straits of Florida and the Atlantic Ocean. Early Key West districts in the west part of the archipelago are commonly known as the Old Town.

Key West Historic District comprises the island's main touristic attractions such as Mallory Square, Duval Street, Truman Annex and Fort Zachary Taylor. The Bahama Village, south west of Whitehead Street, offers homes, chapels and places associated with Afro-Bahamian culture. Located north-east of the White Street Gallery District, The Meadows are solely housing areas.

Reynolds Street Pier, Higgs Beach,[43] West Martello Tower, White Street Pier and Rest Beach line the promenade. Lightly colored and marked "SOUTHERNMOST POINT CONTINENTAL U.S.A.", it is one of the most frequently viewed and photographed tourist sites in the United States. Whitehead Spit, on the Truman Annex plot west of the buoy, is the most southern point of Key West, but still not the most southern point of the United States, and it has no markings as it is US Navy country and cannot be accessed by civil visitors.

Florida's truest southern point is Ballast Key, a private islet to the southern and western sides of Key West. A number of US President Ambassadors have paid a visit to Key West. For 175 consecutive years Harry Truman paid 11 visits in the course of his term of chair and several subsequent occasions after leaving his post (see Annex Truman). The Key West was in a downward spiral when Franklin D. Roosevelt attended in 1939.

Not long after, the construction of army base on the isle took place. Dwight D. Eisenhower remained in Key West next to Truman after a myocardial infarction. John F. Kennedy paid a visit to Key West in November 1962, one months after the Cuban crisis had been resolved. After retiring from his post, Jimmy Carter hosted a Key West meeting.

Pauline's wealthy grandson Gus Pfeiffer purchased the 907 Whitehead Street House[48] as a 1931 marriage present. It used the depression-age Key West as one of the places in To Have and Have Not - his only novel with scene that occurs in the United States. In 1939 Pauline and Hemingway got a divorce; Hemingway only went back from Havana on occasion until his death in 1961.

Key West City Commission has exempt the home from a bill that prohibits more than four pets per home. William had a number of leased houses throughout the United States, but the only home he had was in Key West. Although Hemingway and Williams were living in Key West at the same epoch, they supposedly just once joined - in Hemingway's home on Cuba, the Finca Vigía.

1984 the town opened a jetty directly at Mallory Square. Cyclones seldom hit Key West, and the islands are relatively unimpressed by severe winds. Key West's latest cyclone to hit was Irma, which landed in the Keys as a Category 4 windstorm on the morning of 10 September 2017.

Evacuation was ordered throughout the whole archipelago and businessmen were compelled to close their gates. Low areas of Key West and the lower Keys, as well as the main tourism attractions, were under one metre of underwater. 60 per cent of the houses in Key West were inundated.

According to a regional paper, Key West and the lower Keys were "car graveyards". Windstorm broke the pillars of the dress optimized Atlantic Shores Motel and broke through the Key West Aquarium and freed his fish. The Key West turned during the cyclone and is dealing with the windmill.

NOAA opened its National Weather Weather Forecasting building on White Street in September 2005. Many of the house boats along the House Boat Ranch on South Roosevelt Boulevard near the Cow Key Canal on the eastern side of the islands were destroyed by the thunderstorm. At the time of the census[2] in 2000, 25,478 persons, 11,016 homes and 5,463 family members were living in Key West.

Breed composition of the town was 84. Per capita incomes in the town were $26,316. Most of the inhabitants of Key West were Bahamian migrants, known as conchs (pronounced'conks'), who increasingly came after 1830. Many Key West inhabitants began to call themselves conchs in the twentieth centuries, and the concept is now commonly used for all Key West people.

Certain people use the word "Conch" (or alternative "Saltwasserconch") to describe a Key West-born individual, while the word "Freshwater Conch" describes a non-Key West-born individual who has been living in Key West for seven years or more. Most of the blacks arriving later from Bahama were living in Bahama Village, an area of the old town next to the Truman Annex.

The Key West administration is run by the mayoral system. It is called the Municipal Committee. Since 1823, Key West has had a strong army base, just after it was bought by Simonton in 1822. Mr. Simonton asked the U.S. administration to set up a marine bases in Key West to take full benefit of its strategically position and introduce justice and order into the area.

Matthew C. Perry, Marine Special Envoy, set sail for Key West on 25 March 1822 and raised the US flags that claimed the keys as the United States' possession. It has always been an important army station because it is located on the northerly border of the deep water canal, which connects the Atlantic with the Gulf of Mexico (the southerly border is 140 km away) via the Florida Strait.

For this reason, Key West has been called the "Gibraltar of the West" since the 1820'. "Fort Taylor was originally constructed on the isle. Navy added a small naval bases from which the USS Maine started to sail to its end in Havana at the beginning of the Spanish-American War, as at Key West Sundown on 22 July 2007.

Key West Naval Air Station - This is the major air station on Boca Chica where the Navy train their pilot. Much of the field trainings are conducted at the Marquesas "Patricia" target 29 sea mile ( 54 km ) west of the basis. Most of this part was shut down and handed over to privately owned clients and the town of Key West.

The Key West is part of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale TV group. There will be rebroadcasting channels in Key West and Marathon, repeating the Miami-Fort Lauderdale stops. Key West has 11 FM radios, 4 FM interpreters and 2 AM radios. Isle 107. One FM is the only local FM channel in Key West that offers alternate live band entertainment and local news programmes.

The Monroe County School District runs Key West government schooling. Florida Keys Community College's headquarters are in Key West. Key West officials kept recordings from January 1871 to February 1958 in the Weather Bureau in the city center, and from March 1958 in Key West Int'l.

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