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Latest news updates from Kerala - Read news on various topics such as Politics Crime Economy Culture - Kerala Districtwise News in English - Onmanorama. Tolls in the new at the expense of heritage. Kannur. Mangrove subsidy - Damaged highway section partially opened. kochi.

The latest news and updates from Kerala, Kerala politics and news about current affairs, education, health, business, sports, technology, tourism in English. Semi-transgender students in Kerala to get seat reservations at colleges and universities.

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This counterfeit photograph shows Prime minister Pinarayi Vijayan eating on a maple page at the recently opened policemen's office..... The Kerala Beard Society, the first state collectivist of masters of the beard, was motivated by the need to..... In the CCTV picture of Mundakkayam, the policemen decide to go out into the open with the hopes that the girls in the.....

Kerala Congress force was profoundly split for several years between Karunakaran and former Defense Secretary A..... As you know, Pinarayi and K.K. Shylaja, Ministers of Public-Health and Social Welfare, have been discussing the..... LDF rules have a fruitful soil for the growing of RSS in Kerala, after the evaluation of.....

Kerala's cross-subsidy policies will be affected, and the bottom line of the consumer will be compelled to buy about twice as much..... Policing follows concrete contributions that the organization plans agitation and protest..... Thilothaman, Minister of Nutrition and Civilian Supply, has instructed the retailer to.....

A number of Kailash Manasarovar Philgrims, among them Keralites, have recently landed in Nepal because it is constantly raining..... The goldsmith Sunil Kumar was called to the policestation after the CPM clerk Sajikumar..... Former Indian Supreme Court ordered the immunity of the fines, although it.....

This is a forged photograph in which Pinarayi Vijayan, Premier, celebrated in the recently opened riot squad..... Sebastian, the main culprit, escaped the cops, but T Mini was apprehended. Onmanorama recently said that Kerala is the coveted place to recruit the Islamic state (ISIS).

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