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In Kottayam, the diocesan Nun, who had charged a Kerala-bishops with a sex attack, said to a reporter that she would take further steps against the diocesan but refused to talk about it. According to policemen last night, a diocesan monk in northern India was the victim of a policing charge against a Roman Catholic diocesanishop. He claimed that he had used her in a small city nearby four years ago.

Calling to investigate accusations of sex crimes against five Kerala clergy, the state police have asked the criminal investigation department to start its investigation. In the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, five of the Malankara Orthodox Church clergy were charged with having abused and blackmailed a female. In the midst of the furious series over the AMMA's ruling to withdraw it, comedian Dileep said today that he would not be an activist laborer of any organization until proven innocent.

In a case involving eleven Keralites, among them offspring from two unaccompanied minor ities who have been absent from Dubai since 15 June, a case has been under investigation by local law enforcement agencies. An acclaimed Southern Indian actor who was reportedly abused in a driving automobile last year withdrew today from the AMMA (Association of Malayalam Movie Artists) and claimed that she had not stood by her during the year.

On Wednesday, the dispute over the restoration of the defendant actress Dileep in an artistic corporeal setting took a turn with four main actors, among them the kidnapped murderer, who leaves the Association of Malayalam Movie Actors. Kottayam' s local churches said today that a "clear, impartial" trial was ordered after a man extorted some preachers and allegedly sexualized his woman.

A Kerala priest from the Kottayam-based Orthodox Malankara churches was suspected for alleged sexual exploitation of a female from the same school. Today, five CPI(M) employees were convicted of having killed a BJP leader in the unstable Kannur region in the north of Kerala in 2008.

The BJP in Kerala said today it accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of "consistently ignoring" the state, and his explanation arose from his "hatred" of the Prime Minister. A passionate supporter of the Argentine soccer side and its skipper Lionel Messi is said to have commited suicide following the team's bad performances at the World Cup, the Kerala P.D. said.

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