So I think Kentung will be a great place. For how long should one stay in capsize and is there a special market day? Has anyone been here recently in Kentung (Myanmar) over the Tachilek-Mae Sai border? Inspect weather radar, satellite, wind, temperature, weather data for capsize, capsize. Nasazi Bebek Rama Kentung, Kab.


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Isn' t a Kentung tour just worth visiting if you are only visiting the town? They see Akha, Akhu, Lahu, Lahu Na, Lahu Shi, Palaung, Wa, Ann (Enn), Lisaw (Li Shaw) and Shan in the mound. The 245-year-old Kanyin-byu (Diptero carppus Spp) alone can be seen at "One Treehill".

Explore the scenic Naung Tone Lake lakes in the city center before depart.

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Picnics are usually taken in a picturesque place like the Pin Tauk Waterfall, and after the hike you return to Keng Tung, where you stop in a nearby hamlet and taste the locally produced "firewater" (or ricewine ) that is preferred by all the hill people in the area.

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It is no longer necessary to convert the US dollar to FECs upon arriving in Myanmar. US dollars, Thai baht and Burmese kyat are useful currency for Kyaing Tong. Mong La is denominated in yuan, US dollar and Thai baht. These can be left at your own peril at the Myanmar Tourist Office in Tachileik.

Telephone fees are very high in Myanmar. Kyaing Tong has no cyber cafes and no telephone boxes. The weather in Kyaing Tong and Mong La is 15-22 degrees Centigrade during the days of November-February; March-May is 28-32 degrees Centigrade; June-October is 25-28 degrees Centigrade. Because of its unspoilt surroundings and the non-tourist mountain peoples' towns, Keng Tung is a place where travelers come to.

The city is more advanced than the province capitol Keng Tung. The tourism infra structure is simple. Have you made this journey finally? I' m only planing a short journey from Bangkok to Myanmar in 1 weeks. Which is the best carrier to go inland? The best carrier is Yangon Airways, they are flying to all the touristic places you want to see in a weeks to be quite inexpensive at this season.

Savor Myanmar, sorry, please listen to my last one. Travelling independently is very simple here. You do not need a 28 days Myanmar touristic visas in advanced and you can enter Burma's Tachileik from the northern part of Thailand at Mae Sai and get either a one or two weeks entrance-pass.

Between Tahcileik and Kengtung you can take collective taxi or shuttlebuses. The Mae Sai, Mae Sai, is better value for your money than Tachileik, so if you need to spend the night at the frontier, remain on the Thai side in Mae Sai. PS--withdraw from'tours' that MTT might press to sale you as much can be done independantly, provided you have hired a locally based tour leader and your destinations on your travel schedule.

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