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For trekking in Keng Tung in Keng Tung, Keng Tung, Myanmar and other places near Experience Travel, Google Map shows the location. Kengengung is a city in the state of Shan, in eastern Myanmar. Away from the rest of Myanmar, Kengtung is a hotspot of cultural diversity. GOLO LOCAL - Keng Tung map Welcome to the Keng Tung google satellite map! The Kyaing Tong Paradise Hotel is located in Kengtung.

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The district of Keng Tung consists of 3 cities and 1449 hamlets and divides its name with one of its cities and capital. Populated by a multitude of ethnical groups such as Wa, Shan, Bamar, Chinese, Keng Tung is also known as the capital of the east part of Shan State.

Of all the areas of Shan State, Keng Tung Township has a civilization that is most different from Burma's - a characteristic of its inherent geographical location. Legend has it that Keng Tung was founded around a pond by a powerful wizard by the name of "Tungkalasi", which led to the name of the town " Keng Tung ", which means "walled town of Tung".

Today the name of the name of the sea that appears in the tales is Naung Tung (or Nong Tung, Nong Tong) Sea, which lies in the centre of the cityscape. Today's Keng Tung is also full of colonial-style structures, churches and ponds. Keng Tung, its administration centre, is of enchanting attraction - probably the most scenically attractive among those in Shan State.

The city is encircled by many hills and is kept comfortably cold and in a refreshing shade of verdant all year round. You can also buy Thai produce at low cost at the Keng Tung market, as the city is very near the Thai state. When you come to Keng Tung city, you' ll be spending a whole afternoon hiking to see magnificent mountain scenery and enjoy the life of different peoples like Lahu, Akha, Wa and Shan.

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