The Kendari

The capital of the Indonesian province of South East Sulawesi is Kendari. Kendari Bay is the city's main street. It is the provincial capital of Southeast Sulawesi. The Kendari, city and port, capital of Southeast Sulawesi (Sulawesi Tenggara) Propinsi (or province; province), Southeast Celebes, Indonesia.

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It is the main town of the south-eastern Sulawesi region of Indonesia. Kendari Bay is the city's main street. Kendari's main economic activity is agriculture, with some industry centres near the city[2] The town is linked to other parts of Indonesia through Haluoleo Airport.

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The Kendari

Kendari is its capitol, located on the eastern shore of the main island and the base for any adventures in this intriguing area. The Kendari is the touristic centre of Southeast Sulawesi County, offering beautiful sights both on shore and at sea. Situated on the hilly slopes and by the sea of Kendari Bay, it is home to around 100,000 population.

At Kendari, we produce a wide range of delicate arts and crafts for home and work. Kendari has several diving and snorkelling sites that you should try before venturing further into the marine world around Wakatobi. The Kendari Haluoleo International Airfield, formerly known as Wolter Monginsidi International Airfield, is the capital of Kendari.

From Jakarta and Makassar there are direct connections to Kendari.

The best you can do in Kendari, Indonesia

Whilst most of Indonesia's shores can draw huge masses of people, the shores in and around Kendari still offer some loneliness and the charm of this "hidden jewel". Taipa is one of these jewels, in the Lembo district, a beautiful sandy area that you can explore and at least dedicate one full or two days to its many attractions, from bathing in the tranquil, crystal-clear waters to strolling along its 3 kilometre long shoreline.

The fun doesn't end at this sandy private sandy shore. Scale the rock and explore another secluded sandy spot while enjoying a fantastic panoramic taipa look. It is also known for an indigenous species of fish named malleo. Those fowl are burying their balls in the sands and you are fortunate to experience this beautiful event!

And if you don't want to be far from the centre, go to Nambo beach instead. You don't have to get soaked when you're at Nambo Bay - just relax and take in the ocean breezes as you look out at the shoreline or spend the night staying until later in the day watching the sun set.

Labengki Island is a must if you are in Southeast Sulawesi and easily reachable from Kendari. Pulau Labengki, locally named, can be reached by ferry from the town in just one hours. At Labengki, come, enjoy and admire this enchanting paradise with its sandy whitewashed shores, secluded bays, green rolling hills, cliff tops and crystalline waters.

is an archipelago of about 20 untitled islets. It is home to less than 500 residents and allows the visitor to relish this discarded event. Whether you're enjoying camp under the palm tree, boat trips, scuba dives or canoeing, these are just some of the things you can do on the island of Loabengki. Red Sand Beach and the famed Lover's Cove - a half-hearted lake - are a must.

What is special about the island is the broad sandy beaches, where you can relax and sunbathe. Situated in the Soropia district, the visitor can take advantage of guided tours on bank boats and even waterski. Further activites includes climbs to the top of the hill to get a beautiful look at the sea and a visit to a Bajo town.

Think of a beach, but with small stratified swimming pools filled with lukewarm waters - you can even see the sulphur residues at the bottom of the pool. Dive in and take advantage of the advantages. For this reason, children and older people, who can profit more from the sulphur compounds of these thermal sources, attend Wawolesea.

Do not miss the excursion to the beautiful Moramo cascades in Kendari. Moramo is 65 kilometres from Kendari, in the Tanjung Peropa nature reserve, and is dotted with seven plains of flowing cascades in the middle of Indonesia's luxuriant jungles. If you' re in Kendari, what is there to dine for?

You' ll be able to sample the full range of traditional Indian food and drink while exploring the town. Come and see Rumah Makan Angkasa Nikmat restaurant and try different regional meals. The Sinonggi is a must if you are in Kendari, because it is a typical meal. The Sinonggi should be consumed immediately and is part of the Kendari socialisation.

If you are in Kendari, look for arts and craft made by locals whose abilities are handed down from generations to generations. It is also known for its silvery arts and craft and you can buy small jewellery and accessoires or home decoration such as teasets. The Kendari craftsman can make items with the most complicated design.

Kendari is one of the places that you need to discover. Kendari is undoubtedly one of the best places in Indonesia with its range of physical amenities from warm water sources to sandy beach.

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