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Knight is a fictional character in the Australian television series Kath & Kim. He' the husband of Kath Day-Knight and a passionate butcher. The latest tweets by Kel Knight (@Mr_Kel_Knight). File:Glenn Robbins (Kel Knight) at Kath &

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Knight is a fictitious figure in the Aussie TV show Kath & Kim. He' the married man of Kath Day-Knight and a keenutcher. In the US-release of Kath & Kim,[1] John Michael Higgins painted a portrait of his counterpart (Philip "Phil" Lesley Knight) and his performance was strongly criticised.

He is proud to keep himself alive, though not to Kath's degree. Kel's primary pastime is probably his work. Kel likes to train together with Kath and does aerobic. He' a follower of Sydney Swans, much to the chagrin of Kath, who Richmond Tigers is supporting. In the fourth installment, he won the Foundation Gates Dealer of the Year and comes home early from work and hangs placards around his shop to show that he has won, proving that Kel has a great passion for slaughtering.

He is four month younger than Kath. It was very reserved on the date of her (first invalid) marrie. Previously, Kel had had four of his former girlfriends/fiancees taken away because he felt that he was unhappily in sweetheart' s heart and got hammered on his anniversary. There is very frivolous speculation that Kel may have reacted to his gayness again in the pre-nuptial show when Kath asks himself how he got the coach for the nuptials from the man who volunteered Kath for the coach, in which Kel answers with "Oh, I had my way".

Throughout the movie Kel is afraid of flight, after a meeting with former counselor Marion his Phobie is healed. Kel's relation to Kath is very good. It has had relationships on several occasion when Kath's ex-husband Gary Poole appeared, revealing that the Kath & Kel wedding was null and void, as he and Kath had actually been remarried since the 1970'.

Kath, who is older than Kel, has also been worried. As in" Inside Out", Kel takes over Kath's tasks, which irritates her because she enjoys being occupied and bears the responsibility. The stepdaughter and Kaths daugther Kim Craig is performed by Gina Riley.

Since the beginning of the show Kim had an immediate aversion to Kel, as Kath & Kim had each other all their life without a father/man fig. Now Kel is the center of Kath's interest, which upsets Kim, who is always the center of it.

He often tries to give his views on Kim to Kath, which are not always the same as what is said. Brett, Kels stepson and Kels best man at the marriage, is performed by Peter Rowsthorn. He is usually the one who's notified about Kath and Kel's sex work.

He had a terrible story with a woman before Kel saw Kath. Anyone he almost wanted to marry was always taken away from him by his long-time boyfriend Sandy Fredkle, which cast doubts on him before he married Kath. During the entire show, Kel's stories included taking over as the woman of the home, which upset Kath until he married Kath, in a mid-life crises and with "mocking angina" leads to a 99% fats free possession.

In" Da Kath & Kim Code" Kel developed a great aversion to Michael Bublé, because Kath likes him and Kel doesn't agree. Kath did not know that Kel is a Sydney Swan fan of the Australian Football League until they were wed. His many interests include literature and he seems to have a weakness for the Latin American writer Bryce Courtenay.

Though Courtenay didn't really publish the novel (far from his genre), he mentioned the writer twice in chapter 4: Kath reads the Anti-Candida dieting guide, and Kel mentioned Bryce Courtenay. Later, Kel complained about Kath's participation in the theater. Kat suggests that he join the piece as he does, as the two are very preoccupied and looking for some quality free space to share.

Kel tells Kath that it was a book/movie adaption to which Kel replies: "That was Bryce Courtenay's work, wasn't it? On the fourth show, when Kath, Kim, Kel and Brett were doing Trivial Pursuit, Kath Kel asked who was writing Captain Underpants and he answered Bryce Courtenay. During the TV show you can see him in jackets he bought from Men Land, which is referred to by Kel in "Da Kath & Kim Code".

During the TV show Kel is seen with a man's plush purse. As Kath and Kel go on their honeymoons, Kel asks if his man pockets go into Kath's pocket; but Kath says Kel only needs one, proving that Kel is highly meterrosexual and has an intense preference for man pockets.

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