Kel and Dom

Shell and Cathedral

He was on a series called Sliders when I wrote these books, and he was the right age for Dom. Caution, contains soot, probably poorly written I send this, if you do not do it, then it is okay, but do not comment and complain. dominitan. keladry. masbolle.


Shell and Cathedral

Cathedral is difficult for the pretty (beautiful, astonishing, godly, perfect) new woman at courtyard, asks the poorest one for help and ends with a very surprising period of it. With a broken heart he visits her marriage as protection from an attempted attack. The Dome and Kel will have to surmount the tests of detachment, treason and partition.

Masbolle Domitan | Tamora Pierce Wiki

Sgt Domitan of Masbolle (pronounced DOHM-ih-tahn of MAAS-bole), most commonly known as Dom, is Sgt. in Third Company of the King's Own and the Nealan of Queenscove's Cousin whom he names Meathead? He' one of Kel's first buddies in the King's Own. In the end of Lady Knight it is suggested that Kel and Dom could establish a romance.

However, as Masbolle's younger he was not put under pressure to become a chevalier, which he was very pleased about. As most of his younger children did, he followed the King's Own at 452 HE. At first Dom sees Kel as a side fighting to take charge of her stallion Peachblossom, bets (probably) against the remainder of the Third Company that she won't drop and thus wins a dinner in the Jugged Hare[1].

At that time he was new to the King's Own, and he was probably not yet a sargeant. When Dom became Sarge, he was in command of a troop in Third Division, with two corporal and an indefinite number of private. He is in charge of Flyndan Whiteford, commander of the Goldenlake troop, and Raoul von Goldenlake, knight commander of the king.

It also reveals that he was a Nealan von Queenscove cousin[2], whom he names Meathead because of his persistent person. During Kel's years as Lord Raoul's miner, she became a good friend of Dom. It is also shown as a kind of womanizer who is open to flirting with females and uses this as a good excuse for the Knight Commander to agree with the remainder of the Grand Progress.

After he was killed during a fight with Scanran robbers who left Kel, then a miner, to take control of his troops. As Kel and Raoul went back to Corus to experience Kel's ordeal of knighthood, Dom and his troops remained in the northern part. The fortress they were building was also called the Giantkiller fortress in honour of the knight commander[4].

Since Lord Wyldon had asked the King's Own for a group of men to help out in Haven until the site was ready, Dom's group was selected; it was just a fluke that they were initially deployed together, as no one knew Lord Wyldon's plan to put Kel in charge of Haven.

Mids of June 460 Dom and his crew went to Fort Mastiff with Lord Raoul after the crash from Haven. Hearing Haven seafarers Connac and Hevlor talk about the missed chevalier in the cesspools, he suspected she was pursuing her fugitives into hostile territories. It was Raoul who gave Dom's troop the opportunity to decline this operation, but all the men signed up voluntarily.

Cathedral and its troop catched up with Kel at the remains of Fort Giantkiller. As Neal, Seaver, Merric and Faleron came in, Kel was angry, but Dom was glad to see his co-worker, and said Sir Meathead took the liberty of coming[9]. Cathedral heard of Kel's dreaming about Blayce the Gallan sent from the Chamber of Torture as they crossed the river Vassa using companions that Neal had gotten with the lioness during his period.

Cathedral also attended and gave orders when Kel got them to free the grown-ups after they were finished and they found out that Kel was planning to pursue Stenmun Kinslayer and the kids, Dom stayed with her and said he had his orders from Lord Raoul[11]. Stenmun' s men were annoyed at her teacher through a lecture Raoul had given her and Dom[12].

Losing two of his men, Corporal Wolset and Private Lofren. When he returned, he had no need to fear betrayal, as his orders came directly from Lord Raoul. 459 U: 460 U: Dom has bluer-eyed, blacker haired cousins, .

Cathedral and Kel got along very well and became good buddies during the whole period in their own. Dom's first co-worker is Neal, since Dom's mom was a member of the Queenscove household, a wealthy and mighty dukedom. Cathedral calls his co-worker Meathead because he is so persistent and sometimes hard to handle.

and they' re having a lot of laughs. After a while, they became pals while keeping up their half-offending skirmishes. Cathedral has great respect for the knight commander. 2Lame Knight, chapter 13 "Friends" www. lady knight, ch. 14 "vassa crossing" ? 11.011.111. 2Chairwoman, Chapter 15 "Enemy Territory"

? Knight, chapter 16 "Opportunities

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