Pagoda Kakku and Pagoda Kekku Myaw Daw. Japanese-English translations and meanings for kekku (???) include the last line of a poem, finally.

For kekku, the kanji is ??. From Inle Lake to Kekku, enjoy the spectacular drive over rolling hills and small villages inhabited by the Pa-Oh. You will find the perfect kekku floor photo.

Kekku, Peacocks in the Jungles

Prior to 1990, the isolated area populated by the Pa Oh minorities was closed to non-regional populations due to the presence of rebels. Only a few humans have known about it.... tales are narrated and recounted about a set of thousand raccoons hiding deeply in the jungle. Pa No are a hard-working, faithful and ordinary nation, kind-hearted and straight.

The Kekku is 28 leagues from Taungyi. Approximately half of the way leads over a tarred and beyond it over a unpaved one. Oddly enough, the unpaved path, a deep and deep reddish color, is very slippery. It is a shaded street with tree plantations made by a friar to link his town to another still unfamiliar marsh at the other end; it could be another marsh like Kekku.

When you turn a small part into a river basin two hour later, you find this beautiful view of tens of thousands of small shrines that lie next to each other and surround a larger one. All is still there: the giant local tree shadows throw their shadows on honeybees and moths that flutter in the fields. Pagoda architechture looks like in the sixteenth c..

You remain outside the area of the pagodas and camp under the bush. She cooks and eats, she buys at the many booths, which are furnished as a festive fair. The feast is over after the full moons of Tabaung or March: and all of a sudden the humans are gone, the place is abandoned and quiet.

It' waiting in tranquility for next year, this magnificent group of coupons, and they are proud of their place in the heart of the Pa O.

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