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You come here to change money. The KBZ Bank Exchange Office. The main business category of the company are money changers. It is possible to deposit money at any KBZ bank via the quick payment system or the ibanking system. We offer low exchange rates and low fees every day without leaving the centre.

Kanbawza Bank in Myanmar on strike with Western Union

Western Union Company (WU), a leading provider of worldwide payments solutions, today reported that its service is now available in 13 of Myanmar's 14 states and departments, expanding Kanbawza and KBZ Banks by 100 offices. With the introduction of Western Union Money Transfer Service at six banking agents in January this year, customers from 74 different nations, among them Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, USA, UK and other Europe, have sent money to Myanmar via Western Union.

"We are pleased to be working with Myanmar's biggest privately-owned KBZ Banking to extend Western Union's money-in-minute[1] service throughout the entire state, which includes the launch of service in the state of Kachin. Western Union(R) money can now be transferred to 13 of the country's 14 states and departments - another important move to take the global community to every part of Myanmar," said Ly Nguyen, Regional Director, Indochina, Western Union.

Mr U Nyo Myint, Executive Director, International Finance, KBZ Banque, said: "Many of our clients count on our continued funding from their families and international clients. As a leading personal lines company with a large client list in Myanmar, we are honoured to work with Western Union - a powerful franchise with sound key value and excellent client care expertise - to deliver an integral level of services that serve as an important liaison between Myanmar's people here and oversee.

The Western Union was the first truly world money remittance provider to provide Myanmar with money remittance service after last year's easing of capital spending and trading penalties. 1 ] Monies may be deferred or non-available due to certain transactions terms, such as the amount sent, the target jurisdiction, monetary access, regulation and exchange rate matters, necessary recipient actions, agent ID requests, agent opening times, timing zone variations or the choice of deferred option.

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