Kbz Exchange Rate in Myanmar

The Kbz exchange rate in Myanmar

USD gains, CBM increases the exchange rate. Exchange rate reforms of the central bank will begin in January next year. At this rate you cannot buy or sell US dollars to Myanmar Kyat. The Kanbawza Bank Limited offers commercial banking services in Myanmar. Zaw Lin Aung said that it will help to channel capital to Myanmar with a KBZ team in Singapore.

Sending Money to Myanmar

You should be careful when selecting a wire remittance service to match both wire remittance and exchange rate. The charge for the cardholder's prepayment in the form of credit cards and the associated interest costs may be incurred. Please use a credit cardholder to prevent these costs. 1 Funds may be subject to delays or unavailability of service due to certain transactions terms, such as the amount sent, the target market, monetary access, regulation and exchange rate matters, necessary recipient actions, identifying requests, agent opening times, timezone variations or the choice of deferred option.

Please see online terms and conditions for further information.

Myanmar's KBZ Bank to issue UnionPay bank card

EUPay International and Kanbawza Bank (KBZ Bank) have started to issue payment cars to clients. It is UnionPay's and comes in two forms: a Classic and a Platinum one. It will enable individuals to buy goods and value-added service and draw down money up to a certain amount of time.

Payment via bank card gives the customer more shopping options. Be it a specific big-ticket delicacy that couldn't await the payday, or small periodic payments, major payment systems allow money to be planned more accurately and paid back at the end of the months.

Activated with a Smart-chip and additional safety code, the card can be used at all Myanmar ATM' s and at all UnionPay sales points, also on-line. Myanmar Kyat is one of the advantages, which means that Myanmar travelers can use KBZ UnionPay debit card to draw money from more than two million global automatic teller machines and make payments in shops abroad at the same exchange rate of the local currencies.

The Platinum Cardholder is given added value. You can also take advantage of UnionPay's Asia Prestige program, which offers great amenities such as easy entry to luxury flight lounge VIPs around the globe, lounge facilities at 20 train stops in China, trip insurances and other thrilling value. "The KBZ MPU UniPay cardholder can now trade with over 35 million dealers in 160 different regions and territories on UnionPay's worldwide paymentnet.

Furthermore, the KBZ MPU UnionPay Platinum Asia Prestige Credit Card with lounge admission at over 400 international airport locations, as well as discounts at many of Myanmar's major hotel, restaurant, retail and leisure facilities, is the best solution for the travelling and lifestyles needs of Myanmar's high-travellers," said a UnionPay International reps.

"The KBZ is hoping that those who will find them useful, especially for the things that are most important in life," said a member of the team. "This can be for goodies, for luxuries such as holiday abroad or for finance matters, we are available to help you get the most out of this thrilling new KBZ product".

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