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I just got back, used ATMs at the airport, paid hotels in a mix of dollars or kyat. We' ve also found that the banks and most stock exchanges would not change the Aussie Dollars. Everyday exchange rates and calculators: The Indian baseball story'Million Dollar Arm' celebrates its premiere in Great Britain. I' m paid in US dollars.

CRC opens 500th bank branch

KBZ Bank's 550th subsidiary was opened today and will now offer state-of-the-art bank advisory service to clients. The number 500 store is situated on the intersection of Anawrahta Road and Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road, Pabedan Township, Yangon. "KBZ Bank Ltd. was founded in Taunggyi in 1994 and its first subsidiary was acquired by its former owners in 1997.

She was the only one in Taunggyi at the age. We are now the first Myanmar financial institution to have reached the 500 level thanks to the efforts of highly skilled employees and global masters. It is our goal to help and reinforce the important financial services industry for the country's economic upturn.

We have not only reached these targets, but are also striving to act as a conscientious company and have been the highest taxpayer for six successive years," explains Daw Nang Lang Kham, Deputy CEO (2) of KBZ Bank Ltd. As well as a 500 branches the KBZ Bank now has more than 1,000 cash dispensers and over 20,000 employees national.

This is also the first privately owned banking institution to grow on an international scale with representations in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Daw Nang Kham Noung, Deputy CEO (3) added: "We intend to add about one hundred branch locations per year to our banking networks with the goal of reach 1,000 branch locations across Myanmar by 2023".

The KBZ uses the latest Oracle, Microsoft and VMWare technology for its domestic and foreign financial service. It also uses a number of cross-border lending and debiting cards - Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay and MPU - and 24-hour ATM and foreign exchange ATMs. Leading the way in today's advanced digitization, the EBRD provides advanced electronic payments, including wireless & web based solutions and ecommerce capabilities.

The significant advances made by KBZ Bank, both local and international, have been supported by the leadership and assistance of the Central Bank of Myanmar.

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