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At this rate you cannot buy or sell US dollars to Myanmar Kyat. Find out about our services - Daily exchange rates. The KBZ Mobile Application offers you a quick and easy way: The KBZ Mobile Application offers you a quick and easy way: Find out about our services - Daily exchange rates and calculators -Locati.

This is a listing of Myanmar's ATM machines, banks and money exchange offices.

Myanmar Currency Exchange Lists (FOREX). There have been many exchange offices in all the cities of Myanmar since 2014. There have been ATM machines since 2013, but you will find that it is wise to take some ATM s with you - even if only as a back-up. Note that in most Myanmar cities and communities it is possible to change currency without commissions; and therefore exchanging currency is always a better business than using an ATM.

KBZ and AGD are the most important exchange offices and ATM' offices. The KBZ or Kanbawza is the biggest and has the most cash dispensers and counters; they probably have more cash dispensers than AGD and CB together (although CB is going to doubling its number of cash dispensers in 2017).

Myanmar currently has no large multinational banking institutions other than ANZ Banking (Australia and New Zealand) and some Thai and China banking institutions. Please note: You will need your pass (or a copy of it) at the changeovers. Every banking establishment is shut on the weekend, but many exchange offices are open.

If you are going to leave Myanmar, switch Kyats to US Dollar or Euro at Yangon International Airports BEFORE going through custom. Thai Bahts can be replaced at all frontier cities. Airport Mandalay: Six exchange offices and a few ATM machines. AYA Bank, CB Bank and AYA Bank teller and 1 ATM. There are four exchange offices and 3 ATM machines.

Money Exchange at Myanmar Shopping Mall, 143-149, Sule Pagoda Road. Sakura Tower, Bogyoke Aung San Road. Farmers Money Changer, Dagon Shopping Center. JUNCTURN Square Shopping Mall, CB Bank, Pyay rd and Kyundaw st. KBZ Bank-Reg., Bank st. Myanmar Citizens Bank, at the intersection of MCB and 81th Streets.

30 and 65 Streets. The KBZ Banking Exchange is located on North-South Hwy 1 near the central railway sta. Exchangeservice next to the AGD-Bank. NyaungShwe, the supermarket on Yone Gyi St. agdbank - exchange and cash machine on the Restaurantstraße. Currency Exchange at BagoCB Ltd Cash Change, No-9, Min Rd, North Zainganaing Qtr.

Currency exchange in Ngapali BeachTwo KBZ cash machines on Ngapali Beach Rd. There are several other ATM machines from other vendors. Currency exchange at the Ngwe Saung BeachBay of the Bengal Resort Exchange Office, Ngwe Saung Beach. The KBZ Bank is located on the town of Ngwe Saung on the highroad. American CB Bank Currency Exchange, No. (Lama/35), Hauptstraße.

EGD Bench in New Shwe, Inle Sea. Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw have many cash machines in the city. The CB Banque will be doubling its number of cash dispensers in 2017 and perhaps obtain the KBZ Banque. Below is a listing of cash dispensers in smaller tourist locations. KBZ Banc 3 cash dispensers.

The AGD bench at the Thante Hotel and at the Restaurantstraße. ATM AYA, MOB ATM, CB-Bank 2 ATM. Complimentary KBZ 4 cash dispensers. The AGD bench at the Bagan Golden Palace and Sarabha II restaurants. There are also several ATM machines in luxurious resorts/hotels throughout Bagan. Pagoda Street; CB Bench on Min Street.

From Dawei: KBZ Bank at 14 Neikban (Niban) St.; CB Bank at Arzarni St. Bpa-An: KBZ Bank on Zay Tan St. For Hsipaw: KBZ Bank, MAB Bank. KNBZ Bank. Code: KBZ Bank, Zay Dan Loang St. Commodity bank, next to the fair. Bogyoke St., Lashio.

Løikawa: KBZ and AYA banks and cash machines just down the Clock Tower. CB Bench, city centre at Clock Tower; KBZ Bench; AYA Bench. Many ATM machines, some along Strand Rd. Some ATM machines at Ocean Supercenter. MYEIK: AGD bench on Bogyoke Rd and Ayerwaddy bench near by.

KBZ and AGD Banks, both close to the markets. There is a Schleswig-Holstein bridge on the Channel Street. Situated in Pyin U Lwin: KBZ and MEB banks and banks on the Mandalay - Lashio-mainroad. Situated at KBZ Bench, AGD Bench, Lanmadaw Street, Pathein: CBZ bench, AGD bench, BANK.

Bogyoke Aung San Rd; CB Bench, Bogyoke Aung San Rd. In Ngapali: A series of ATM machines along the highway that goes along the coast. KBZ Bench at Emerald Sea Resort and Ngwe Saung Yacht Resort. From Kawthaung (border city to Ranong ): CBank and KBZank along the Hauptstraße.

Mae Sot: Many cash machines in Myawaddy, e.g. at KBZ and AYA. Tachilek (border city to Mae Sai): Several cash machines in Tachileik/Tachilek. Information about cash dispensers : There is a 6500 kyats (5 dollars) charge for servicing at your local cBank. There is an ATM charge of 5000 kyats (approx. 4 dollars) at KBZ Banc.

The majority of major payment transactions are made in cash machines. But don't expect to be able to use your bank card all the time, even if you stay in medium or more chic hotel accommodation - Myanmar is by no means a fashionable place and cash is first. Kyat is a non-convertible currency! Please be aware that Kyat is a non-convertible currency and cannot be either import or export from the state.

There is nowhere to exchange Kyats outside Myanmar except for a few small exchange officers in Chiang Mai.

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