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Withdraw your Visa & Master Card at the KBZ Bank ATM. Find out about competitors, acquisition history, news and more in the profile of Kbz Bank. Check-in counters are opened by KBZ Bank, Ayeyarwaddy Bank and CB at Yangon International Airport, Shwedagon Pagoda and shopping malls". e.g.

set the bank name after the base address. Kanbawza Bank has been selected by the Securities and Exchange Commission as the settlement bank of YSX. There is a beach, but there is now an ATM (KBZ Bank) in front of the Amata Hotel.

Company-owned KBZ Bank cooperates with VMware to accelerate digitization for commercial performance

YANGON, Myanmar, August 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Kanbawza Bank (KBZ Bank), Myanmar's biggest privately held bank, today announces a partnering agreement with VMware Inc. a world-leading provider of enterprise cloud infrastructures and enterprise portability, to help its datacenter virtualization and fulfill the needs of Myanmar's expanding enterprise world.

The KBZ Bank will modernise its IT structure in favour of all 482 branch and representation locations in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. With a corporate and private customer segment in Myanmar with a 40 per cent stake, KBZ Bank considers innovative and digitization to be decisive for its domestic and foreign growth and is the only bank in Myanmar with an global reach.

This virtualised and flexible solution provides the bank's staff with a virtual workplace and the flexibility to work on any machine, giving them more scope for internal collaboration with other bankers. Asked about the KBZ's wider range of plans, Mike De Noma, CEO and advisor to KBZ Bank, replied: "This is just one of the many moves we will take to help strengthen the government's commitment to make Myanmar a global leaders and assert its status as the first ever wireless country in the coming decade. 2.

" Virtualisation across the whole infra-structure, from calculation to archiving and networking, enables KBZ Bank to significantly reduce operating and maintenance expenses and simplify I.T. as well. ESVM will offer its software-defined datacenter (SDDC) solution stacks that include vSphere with Operations Managementâ"¢, vCloud®, vRealize Operations Advanced, NSX®, Site Recovery Managerâ"¢, AirWatch and HorizonÂ-all of them designed to help KBZ Bank to deliver even safer data centres and new applications that will satisfy the fast growing needs for a wide range of secure-to-digital services from enterprises, SMBs and consumers.

With Myanmar's further opening up to international investments, the risks of corporate cyber-attacks are also increasing. KBZ Bank is one notch ahead and strengthens the safety of your information and your business through a virtualised ecosystem using VMware NSX®, which assigns IT guidelines to each and every worker.

Unlike conventional IT infrastructures, every single IT network is secured against attacks that break through the protection perimeters of a computer centre, which increases the safety of KBZ Bank's IT structure and better protects its customers' sensitive information. "The KBZ Bank is a case in point example of how Myanmar companies are developing and using innovative IT products with easy and safe IT for home users to achieve sound financial results," said Duncan Hewett, Senior Vice President & General Manager, APAC & Japan, VMware.

"VMware is on a transformational trip and VMware is dedicated to help companies in Myanmar move forward with our solutions," he added. Founded in 1994, KBZ Bank is the biggest private bank in Myanmar and the first to expand on an international scale, with representations in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

KBZ is the leader in Myanmar's emerging global banking sector, with over 18,000 employees, 482 offices across the nation and a 42% stake in its overall wealth, and an understanding of the nation's transition to a globalized world. While Myanmar's business is expanding and opening up, KBZ sees an interesting chance to work with other global players and build a vital link to Myanmar's fast-growing towns, businesses and community.

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