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Name of Kbz Bank branches Telephone number

No matter where you are in Myanmar, you are never far from a KBZ branch or an ATM. No. City name, branch name, address and contact number. The Cathay United Bank (CUB) to promote cooperation between the two banks in various areas.

To bridge the gaps between the theory and practice of the IT industry and to be effective in education, the field trip staff has gained real-world experiences in which the business community uses state-of-the-art technology. These refresher training allows educators to mix theory and practice to improve their IT teacher skills and IT technology students to be more innovators and their combined strength will help Myanmar's future IT industry keep pace with international standards.

3000 IT technicians from all over Myanmar visited the IT Campus.

Company-owned KBZ Bank (head office)

Kanbawza is related to ancestral Shan State, an ethnically diverse state of the Union of Myanmar. The Kanbawza Bank (KBZ Bank) was founded on 1 July 1994 in Taunggyi in southern Shan State. First of all, the bank supplied the Taunggyi people. The KBZ headquarters were moved to Yangon, Myanmar's economic capitol, in April 2000.

Since March 2013, KBZ Bank has grown to 100 branches throughout Myanmar and enjoys a high standing. Based on an upturn of 477 million MMK in 1999, KBZ Bank increased its equity to 69 billion MMK in 2012. The Central Bank of Myanmar issued KBZ Bank with the Authorized Dealer License (ADL) in November 2011 as a first stage in its international banking.

In line with the developments in Myanmar, KBZ Bank will continue to grow the finance sector. Guide provides information about all the needs in Myanmar as well as an on-line market place for the purchase and sale of automobiles, real estate, tickets and so on.

The Kanbawza Bank opens its first representative in Bangkok

The Kanbawza Bank (KBZ Bank), part of the KBZ Group, is the first bank in Myanmar to open a representation in Bangkok today. "We plan to offer Myanmar's private and corporate clients in Thailand and of course Thai companies interested in traveling to Myanmar as soon as possible finance and consulting as well.

It is our sincere wish that they will use our comprehensive understanding of Myanmar's finance market and join the increasing volume of bi-lateral trading between our two countries," said Than Cho, Sr. Mgr. The new Thailand Headquarters could have a pivotal part in supporting Myanmar in supporting ASEAN's whole world.

Myanmar and Thailand recently pledged to redouble the volume of bi-lateral trades to $20 billion by 2017. We' ve long been a major player in Myanmar and are ready to act alongside our global counterparts in the industry," Than Cho added. It is also seeking to establish relationships with Myanmar citizens who are in Thailand and are valued at around 3 million.

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