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In addition to Kayins, who make up the majority, the Mons, Myanmars, Taungthus and Shans live in Kayin State. The Kayin State is an administrative unit of Myanmar, also known as Karen State. Hpa An is the capacity of the city of Kayin State. Pages in category "Kayin State". Accompany us on a gentle adventure tour to learn more about the lifestyle of the Kayin, a national minority in Myanmar.

The Kayin State

About Kayin State is located between 15o 12'N and 19o 28'N latitude and 96-o 23'E and 98-o 56'E longitude in the south. The country shares boundaries with Mandalay Division and Shan State in the N, Kayah State and Thailand in the E, Mon State and Bago Division in the Wester.

Sagaw Kayins, Po Kayins, Bwe Kayins and Pako Kayins are joined by Shans, Paos, Myanmarns and Mons in Kayin State, consisting of seven townships and 410 Wards and Village tracts. State Day is 7 November and the capital is Hpa An. More than half of the country is protected by deciduous forest, which produces precious wood such as tea, phyinkado and other wood.

It has 13 state-owned companies and is easy to reach from Mon State via the famous Donthami-Riverbridge. The Thandaung is also a mountain terminal of this state. Now the Thanlwin Bridges over the powerful Thanlwin Rivers have been built and access for the state has been improved. Mt Zwegabin is the emblem of Kayin State Year: n.a. How to find us Directions: local_phone n.a. local_taxic Estimate Taxitari: n.a. How to find us_Bus description: n.a. How to find us_Railway Directions: and more: n.a. Maps See below: help_outline Get a free quote for a Myanmar trip to this place. just give a stars review of this place or add an FM comments below:

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I was interested in different lands and culture from an early age, traveling to many different places for several long periods, sometimes even long time. He used to tell me about Myanmar every day, a land somewhere between India and Thailand, an exceptional land with gold coupons, lovely scenery and charming souls. Anyone who thinks that traveling in Myanmar consists of tedious trips to thousand of gold sanctuaries is making a big error.

Traveling in Myanmar can be adventures and trilling at its best. Two cabin on never-ending stairs, who has ever ascended the perilous bamboos of a huge Buddha or looked in the belly of the largest lying Buddha in the worid for the right way out, who has outwitted the ambulant civilian police on the procession to the Gokteik viaduct to take a prohibited photograph from the viaduct or who is throwing his shade with a warm aeroplane onto the Dhammayangyi pagoda, surely captures the adrenaline.

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