Kayin Myanmar

Myanmar Kayin

Kyin State Tours Kayin State (?????

??????) is a Myanmar landmark with a stunning landscape of tree-covered lime stone mounds towering above bright verdant rice paddies and a compelling blend of ethnicity. Nearly from the time Myanmar gained its sovereignty in 1948, the Karen, the most important ethnical group in the state of Kayin, began their struggle for autonomous government.

Upon arriving at the Myanmar side of the Myawaddy frontier, your tour leader will be expecting you in Myawaddy to take you to Hpa An, the capitol of the state of Kayin. GabbanaDay 2 Hotel O/N: Hpa An - Hpa An - Marlamyine (B,L,-) Prepare for a smooth and adventurous holiday full of activity and impressions to enjoy a true Kayin lifestyle.

Leaving the canoes behind, we hike through the woods to the Kayinvills; left our canoes behind; go to our local Kayinvills; go to our local restaurants and enjoy a pleasant one hours stroll in between. Driving to Miawlamyine after midday. The Seindon Mibaya Monastery in Murlamyine is a beautiful example of Mon Museum and architectural design.

Drive on to Ni Paya for a glimpse of the town, and stroll through the area with its stunning Colonial architecture, where authors such as Orwell and Kilpling lived, and see the first Baptisturch. Day 3: Kyaiktiyo - Kawlamyine (B)After having finished your morning meal, pick up your ticket at the hostel reception/guide and drive to your own pace (approx. 20 minutes) to reach Kyaikto railway terminal at 8:00 a.m. where you have to take the 8:00 a.m. Kyaikto rail (the 12:30 a.m. Kyaikto rail arrives).

Take in the scenery and paddy fields during the journey. After arriving at Kyaikto railway terminal, own transfers to the base camp base camp hotel. It is recommended that you leave your baggage at the base camp and go to the base camp, and you will have to organise your own lorry to take you to the Golden Rock.

Stay the afternoons on the deck and then take a lorry back to Kin Pun base camp and go about 10 min on foot to your guesthouse. Kyaiktiyo - Yangon (B) Breakfast at the Golden Sunrise HotelTag 4. Pick up your coach ticket at the front desk of the guesthouse. Arriving in Yangon, own transfers to the school.

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