Kawthaung Victoria point

The Kawthaung Victoria Point

Little is known about the history of Kawthaung. He was known to the British as Victoria Point and to the Thais as Ko Sawng (Second Island). The Kawthaung is a border town in southern Myanmar, in the Thanintharyi region.

Victoria-Point Kawthaung

Little is known about the story of Kawthaung. Off Maliwan, the major harbour was in the southernmost part of Myanmar, but the banks were too flat for the large caves. Kawthaung was thus established about 25 miles southward in the nineteenth centuary. He is said to have been very much appreciated in Thailand because his politics of leaving the land should be his own sovereign.

The story says he went another way to raid Thailand. Nowadays Kawthaung is an important trade city with Thailand. From Kawthaung you have to get to the Myanmar Andaman Resort and the southern Mergui Archipelago. Live Seeing Tip #1: On the Isle of Pa Lut Tot Tot there is a seaside and waterside café.

Live Seeing Tip #2: A must see is the setting sun from 5-5-5 Mount, which provides a stunning 270 degrees panoramic views of the Mergui Archipelago. You can reach Kawthaung from Yangon, Dawei and Myeik. Cross-country trips to and from Kawthaung are forbidden. However, some travellers have said that they mainly go from Myeik to Kawthaung by land.

However, most people say that it is good to dine on the streets. They are all within easy walk distance, but because cabs are inexpensive, they can help you find them faster. On the seafront with a view of the footbridge - Great Thai meal and draught beers.

Perhaps your last opportunity for an ice-cold Myanmar before you leave for Thailand. Slightly out of the city ("Golden Rose") (taxi required). Burmese curry restaurant next to the Mark Restaurant, offers a wide range of delicious curry products and is rich in cuisine.

in Kawthaung (formerly Victoria Point) -

It is the main harbour of the Mergui Islands. Situated directly opposite the Pakchan-Fluss of Ranong, Thailand's northernmost harbour at the Andamanensee. At Ranong Fishery Harbour there is a long tail jetty connecting the two harbours. Not the most appealing city, Kawthaung is very loud and dust, but a pleasure for filming.

Alien ships require a licence to enter the area before they enter Kawthaung, see Myanmar procedures for full particulars of handling, red tape and charges for alien ships. Ships should be anchored in front of the naval and boat dock on the western bank of the docks. Dispatch agents must be collected from the jetty with an immigration official to do the papers in 10s.

Make sure you have US$ currency on your boat to cover the charges - neat, crunchy banknotes without markings. It is well sheltered from the currents, which flow at 2 to 3 kn. You can park your dinghy securely at the city footbridge and there is a boat taxis until 9 pm.

There is both fuel and sea on the concrete dock.

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