Kawthaung to Myeik Boat

from Kawthaung to Myeik Boat

There is no ferry anymore and also not from Dawei. Boats are no longer running because there is no demand. I' m sure Kawthaung won't be upset about the suspension of boat services. Hpa-an, Ye, Dawei, Phu Nam Ron, Myeik and Kawthaung. So, I decided to move to the next town, Myeik.

Kawthäung to Myeik by coach

It is good to know that the journey from Kawthaung to Myeik is quicker than ever. We had planned to leave at 10am, but we started half an hours later after all the people had been collected and things were done at the airport offices. I can' t say if there is an early departing, the agents, which I passed quickly, sold sailings only from 10 o'clock.

It' s a very curvy street, half of the people threw up during the ride. I' d be insisting on a front seats. The second best fit for individual travellers is the individual chair next to the slide door: ample legroom. Drivers tried to crush two people halfway, but only one additional woman was acceptable.

Myeik boat tour to Kawthaung - Myeik (Mergui) Archipel Forum

Are there still any ferryboats or speedboats running from Myeik to Kawthaung? If you are fortunate....we started from myeik at 7 pm and arrived at the next morning at 3 pm in town! What time did you arrive and was it the boat you used or did you rent a boat?

Lucky boat from Myeik to Kaw? Hello there, Basley D, was the boat still on its way from Myeik to Kawthaung? Other" nick-to-know " things if you want to pass the Kawthaung frontier? Hello, can you please give me more information about the boat options? Where do you get it from and how much?

I' ve been told that the boat is less well liked because they have opened a new street that is much faster (? 6 hours) than the boat that is shut down as a consequence. Receive an answer to your question about Myeik (Mergui.....

What's the best way to get to Kawthaung?

You can use the quick links below to skip to the required section about transporting into and around Kawthaung. When you look at the 14-hour and 36-hour overland trip to Myeik and Yangon, you can see why the flying options are alluring. The two Kawthaung carriers KBZ and APEX will not be annoyed about the skid.

The performance of both airlines is similar and both use, as far as we know, ATR propeller aircraft. However, the company manages to beat the KBZ on every individual trip to southern Burma. You can book your dayly Myeik for $55 (foreigner rate) and depart at 15:30 and 16:30. The KBZ flies Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for $72, as everywhere in Burma, although timetables and fares often changes.

Dawei for $65. The four Aeroplanes to Yangon, for which we were listed $105 (via Dawei) and $115 (via Myeik) respectively. The KBZ register their Yangon ticket as $188, though their website also has Myeik for $84 and we were priced $72 -- so flexi rates as well as timetables.

Her three Myeik fights also go on to Yangon. From the beginning of 2016 Mawlamyine International Airports will be shut down, so no air travel. Each airline has an office on Bogyoke Road near the Kawthaung Hotel. Kawthaung's airfield is KAW and the small airfield is 11 kilometers northern of the city. A tuk-tuk will take about 5,000 kyats.

There is only one street outside the city, a 440 km long one, which leads to Myeik. From Kawthaung central train terminal, just a few kilometers just off Bogyoke Rd, minibuses run from the city and are picked up at the hotel. They can buy seats for Myeik, Dawei, Ye, Mawlamyine and even Yangon, a 36-hour drive away.

Prices for foreigners are 25.000 Karat air-con or 15.000 Karat for Myeik. The Dawei is 35,000 HVAC systems, 22,000 fans and lasts about 20h. You' re nuts enough to take the Yangon coach, that's 49,000 A/Cs. 32,000 fans. Mini busses are slightly quicker, though not much quicker, and a trip to Myeik still averages 14hrs.

There are many hotel reservations for buses and minibuses, but for the latter there are a number of bureaus throughout the city, especially around the world. Every van agency usually just selling seats in its own coach and usually have a contract with a specific one. Whilst the default price is 25,000 kyats, the periods are very different, so it is definitely a good idea to look around.

Most of the cars have 12 or 14 seats and the good thing is that they only have a corresponding number of them. Please be aware that the cost of an entire van should be 300,000 kyats. From the beginning of 2016, there will be no liner service from Kawthaung to Myeik and on to Dawei.

Most of the time they lost cash. That was also the purpose given to us by the Secretary of Tourist Affairs of Tanintharyi, whom we met in a Myeik cafe. As air travel and roads improve, everyone in Burma will be able to travel to Myeik with cash and everyone without cash will take the coaches.

There was a boat fall between the two and the run of disillusioned overseas visitors was far from enough to make up for it. Myeik's last publicized price for a foreigner was 25,000 kyats per capita; a traveler from Burma can travel to Myeik for $40. The service interruption is new, so that you will still see many placards in the hotels and guesthouses lobby.

There were even tuk-tuk riders who took us in futile ways to the tills that were still open but had no seats to buy. Longtail boat to Thailand is waiting at the entrance and takes about 30 min. and costs 100 Balt. In addition to motorbike cabs, Kawthaung also offers motorcycles with side stages and covered seats.

Walk around the city for 20 bahts or so of touk kuks while the airfield will throw you back 5,000 kyats.

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