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Dawei, Kawthaung

It is easy and comfortable to travel to Myeik by train, bus or minibus, from Myeik to Kawthaung is the only way a rather uncomfortable bus ride. The only way to leave Kawthoung was by air. We' re thinking of crossing the Thai border from Ranong to Kawthaung and then on to Dawei and Yangon. Get cheap air tickets & offers from Kawthaung (KAW) to Dawei (TVY) and save on your next flight with Expedia.

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Dawei from Kawthaung - Myanmar Forum

Due to an upgraded street system, the express ferries, which have now been abandoned for the time being, will no longer be used. While enjoying my ferry trip from Kawthaung to Myeik through the Myeik archipelago, I also decided to take a mini bus from Myeik to Dawei because it was much quicker and cheap.

A while ago I wrote an article about the decreasing number of passengers ferrying on the Chindwin because of new and better roads. Yangon-Pathein is a good way to get to the Ayerwaddy area. The boat doesn't run as well as I know.

Mawlamyine - Hpa-An has long since ceased to sail and is now being superseded by a touristy boat. We may see more tour boats on Myanmar's favourite destinations in the near term, but this will never be the same as traveling on the old IWT boats and passenger ships. Unfortunately there will only be touristy crossings in Myanmar in the near distant past.

Dawei - 2 ways to Kawthaung by airplane and automobile

Which is the best way from Kawthaung to Dawei? From Kawthaung to Dawei is the best way, which is 50? - 75 and lasts 9 hours 48 minutes. Which is the shortest way from Kawthaung to Dawei? From Kawthaung to Dawei the shortest way is the flight, which is 100? - 340 and lasts 1 hour 20 minutes.

Where is Kawthaung to Dawei? Kawthaung and Dawei are 458 km away. It is 685.3 km away. So how long does it take from Kawthaung to Dawei? The drive from Kawthaung to Dawei lasts approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes, incl. transfer. What is the duration of the trip from Kawthaung to Dawei?

From Kawthaung Airport to Dawe Airport, the fastest way is by plane, which lasts 1 hour and 10 minutes. May I go from Kawthaung to Dawei? Yes, the route between Kawthaung and Dawei is 685 km. The journey from Kawthaung to Dawei lasts approx. 9 hours 48 minutes.

What airline companies operate from Kawthaung Airport to Dawe Airport? Burma Airways operates services from Kawthaung Airport to Dawe Airport. Can I live near Dawei? Dawei has more than 13 establishments. From Kawthaung, how do I get to Kawthaung Airport (KAW)? From Kawthaung to Kawthaung Airport, the best way is by cab, which lasts 10 minutes and cost 5? - 7?.

Which enterprises provide service between Kawthaung, Myanmar and Dawei, Myanmar? There is a Myanma Airways service from Kawthaung to Dawei once a day. Would you like to know more about traveling around the globe? Find our selection of information travel books on favourite transportation and businesses - includes travel to the UK: Here you will find all transportation possibilities for your journey from Kawthaung to Dawei.

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