Kawthaung Myanmar Airport

Kyawthaung Myanmar Airport

The Kawthaung Airport (Burmese: ?????

??? ??????; (IATA: KAW, ICAO: VYKT)) is an airport in Kawthaung, Burma. The Kawthaung airport (code: KAW) is only a few kilometres from the city centre. Aviation is still an adventure in Myanmar. Discount flights to Kawthaung Airport (KAW) Tanintharyi region: The Kawthaung airport in southern Myanmar is being expanded for international flights to boost tourism in the Myeik archipelago.

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Kawthaung airport (code: KAW) is only a few kilometres from the town centre. Aviation is still an Myanmar experience. There is no loudspeaker system at the airport, so the airlines call out messages to the bus stop shelter where roaming strays are walking around. The Kawthaung is a national airport, but for some reasons he has an immigrant section, whose officials sometimes ask to see up to eight prints of your pass.

However, the number of carriers and services linking Kawthaung with the remainder of the land is increasing rapidly. Nowadays the journey to Kawthaung is quick and comfortable. It is also important to be in mind that there are no taxis at the airport. Therefore we advise all our clients to make an airport transfer with the airport or directly with us.

Expansion of Kawthaung Airport for international flights

The Kawthaung Airport in southern Myanmar is being renovated to allow air travel internationally. It is planned to lengthen the take-off and landing strips and modernize the airport's current equipment. The most important gate to the famous Mergui archipelago is Kawthaung. Myanmar's Ministry of Tourism is committed to promoting the area and improving accessibility to the isles.

There is a great attraction for tourists due to the island's beautiful and unspoilt countryside and the great variety of recreational and recreational opportunities such as trekking and snorkeling. The tourist potentials of the area, however, have largely been left unused due to the restricted equipment and infrastructures. However, once Kawthaung Airport is expanded, the Ministry of tourism is hoping that it will be possible to start flying from other ASEAN states.

That would be an important move to make the whole of the area more available and less expensive.

Expansion of Kawthaung Airport for foreign visitors

The Kawthaung airport in the south of Myanmar is being expanded for the purpose of boosting tourist activity in the Myeik Islands. The Union Minister of tourism, U Ohn Maung, informed the Myanmar Times last weekend that the Tanintharyi local authority and the Ministry of Hotel and Tourist Affairs had talks with the Ministry of Finance about the extension of airport take-off and landing strips and the modernisation of the airport's current infrastructure to meet world standards.

"We have already carried out soil inspections to determine what renewals are necessary for the operation of our aircraft on the world' s airports. Tanintharyi Region's Ministry of Culture and the Tanintharyi Region's Tourist Board are active in supporting the South Myeik-Archipel. After the expansion, Kawthaung Airport will be able to launch non-stop services to and from ASEAN states, a member of the Tanintharyi Regional Tourist Board said to the Myanmar Times.

"Visitor can come on non-stop planes from places like Phuket in Thailand," he said. As part of this year's "Visit ASEAN@50 anniversary" initiative, the Tanintharyi Region Tourist Board is hoping that the anticipated growth in the number of air travel to Kawthaung Airport and the introduction of further ferries will stimulate tourist activity in the unspoilt south of Myanmar.

South Myanmar is hoping to do just that in order to put the area on the global tourist maps.

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