Kawthaung Island

The Kawthaung Island

The Thahtay Island, Zadetkyi Island, Horse Shoe Island, Dunkin Island et Cocks Comb Island. The Kawthaung District township in the Taninthayi Division of Myanmar. Kawthaung is the capital. One good way to cheat the Myeik Archipelago is to visit Palane Tone Tone Island, five kilometres north of Kawthaung.

Diary: a journey to Kawthaung

But, according to him, the tropical Myanmar islets are much more stunning than anything Thailand has to show for itself. While a beach team on a Thai island revolves around the surrounding nature, which creates a loss of atmosphere at the seaside, the clubs in south Myanmar are more worried about climate control.

You come to the island to experience nature," he said. During a recent voyage to Kawthaung I went to five islands: The Thahtay Island, Zadetkyi Island, Horse Shoe Island, Dunkin Island et Cocks Comb Island. Like in any adventures, the preparations are indispensable. After our arrival we were planning to get our food, but to our amazement every shop in Kawthaung has articles marked with Thai Buh.

First, we chose to see the offerings around Kawthaung City. The next day we took a speedboat from Kawthaung to the isles. My very first snorkeling experiences came on Horse Shoe Island. The next stop was our dinner on Dunkin Island. Cocks Comb Island near by is more than any other.

Entering the island through the estuary of a cavern. The island Zadetkyi offered the most wonderful under water tour so far. However, soon our island adventures were over.

Cockerels comb

Comb Island is part of the Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman Sea. Kawthoung, the southernmost town of Myanmar (Burma). It is a beachless island, but with a breathtaking lime stone cave shaped like a huge green-hearth. This bay changes the colour of the sea and is therefore also known as Emerald Hart Island.

We' re leaving Kawthaung in the mornings. Soak up the sea breezes while traveling the picturesque islets. The first stop is Horseshoe Island. The name was chosen because it is actually shaped like a horseshoe. Snorkelling, we drive to Cocks Comb Island and reach Emeralds Heart by going through a beautiful channel.

There is a quiet and ideal place for snorkelling. The third stop is Dunkin Island, also known as Say Tan Kyun. On a paradisiacal shore we are enjoying the midday snackbar. Beautiful sandy beaches are ideal for taking pictures. Be free to take a walk along the shore and hear the sounds of the oceans and the jungles.

Afterwards we drive to St. Matthews Island, better known under the Burmesian name Tsar Det Gyi Kyun. Later in the afternoons we will go back to Kawthaung for shower and lunch.

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