Kawthaung Hotel List

Kyawthaung Hotel List

Kawthaung Guesthouse - Only Kawthaung. Kawthoung Hotels near Kawthaung Hotel, Kawthoung on TripAdvisor: The Victoria Cliff Hotel & Resort in Kawthaung: Padaukshwewar Quarter, Kawthaung Township. The Kawthaung Hotel is located in Kawthaung in the Tanintharyi region of southern Myanmar and is organized by the Mount Pleasant Hotels Group.

In return, vous recevrez une nuit bonus gratuite* si vous avez collecté dix nuits régulièrement réservées.

In return, vous recevrez une nuit bonus gratuite* si vous avez collecté dix nuits régulièrement réservées. This means that even a weekend trip to Kawthaung can be a first step on the way to a free hotel stay. For each hotel we display the following information : If you need personal support, just give us give us a call - we will be happy to help you.

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Are you flying to or from Kawthaung (KAW) ? Booker une nuit d'hôtel à l'aéroport. Are you flying from Kawthaung (KAW)? Stay overnight the night before at Kawthaung (KAW) and avoid a stressful trip to the airport. Spend the waiting time at the hotel until departure and save yourself sitting around at the gate or in the airport lounges.

Are you going to Kawthaung (KAW)? Stay overnight in a hotel near Kawthaung (KAW) and end your trip stress-free. If you are travelling by car, you should look for a hotel with parking space. You can also filter the search results by the best price, by ratings or by extras (e.g. included breakfast, parking and fitness area).

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Accommodation in Kawthaung Hotel

When you get to Kawthaung, you' ll be in the centre of town. Kawthaung has no airports, you can take a coach or rail to get to this town. Kawthaung is the main destination for most travellers. There are many touristic sites, shops and dining places in Kawthaung. Spend your free day exploring and experiencing the atmosphere of the town.

Whatever kind of hotel you are looking for, you will certainly find something to suit you in Kawthaung. Kawthaung offers an approximate hotel rate of 90 US$. Sleep in a fashionable hotel to make Kawthaung your home. The Kawthaung Hotel is also one of the most frequented hotel in Kawthaung. Are you going to see Kawthaung?

Kawthaung's best sight-seeing establishments are all here.

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