Kawthaung City

Town Kawthaung

The Kawthaung Immigration Office is one of the two buildings seen from the city side. The Kawthaung (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. 10 -minute trip through Kawthaung, the most southern city of Myanmar.

This is all we have to get to know Myanmar's most southern city, Kawthaung. We drove through the abandoned Myeik Archipelago this weekend and one Sunday before the long drive back to Phuket we returned to the harbour. One of the newest buildings in the city is a gigantic purple dice, the name Honey Bear Hotel in large dark characters on the fa├žade.

It is April 20th, the first Thursday of Thursday in Burma New Year, which is the same throughout Southeast Asia: with giant wars. I see a young woman in front of me and she holds a basin of pond soda. One older man arrives with a bag of glittering angels' feathers and a magic stick, which is optimistic that I will be adding him to my buy, but Hein beckons him away.

Higher up on the streets, a teeny little drenched woman throws a bowl of hot and cold running down anyone who walks by. A group of kids with small arms across the streets are fighting with two sparsely clothed Australia tourist dressed in firearms.

A smiley, grandpa immigrant official back at the docks, shining with a medal, fires a little kid in the back with a small gun in the back. It goes well with his brilliant yellow-blue flip-flops, but collides with his darkgreen outfit. I wish we had more time here.

It' quite hard to get to the Myeik Archipelago, but Intrepid Travels gives travelers the opportunity to experience Burma Sailing from $1895 per capita. So, if you are not travelling with a companion or boyfriend, you may need to have a large twin berth with a newcomer. Upon reservation Intrepid can offer brief hikes through Kawthaung at the end of the nine days Myeik archipelago tour.

You only need to take a set of boots, your own cameras (wrapped in a waterproof paper bag) and spend your own cash if you want to buy something. The author was a visiting author at Intrepid Travel.

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