Kawthaung Burma

Kyawthaung Burma

During a recent trip to Kawthaung I visited five islands: What's the best way to get to Kawthaung, Myanmar? Cawthaung Kawthaung. the southernmost city of Myanmar (800 km from Yangon and 2,000 km from the northernmost tip of the country). formerly known as Victoria Point. is one of the entrance harbours in Myanmar and only a wide mouth in the Pakchan Riviera separates it from Thailand.

Beyond the riverbank is the frontier city of Ranong.

Thailand. Rangong/Ranong is 120 leagues north of Phuket. People from Ranong could take a 30-minute cruise to Kawthaung for sightseeings and purchases. We have frequent Yangon -Kawthaung services. Entrance visa. 28 day validity. and border passes are granted in Kawthaung. Kawthaung's core activity is trading with Thailand, fisheries, gum and cashews.

The majority of Kawthaung inhabitants speaks Thai and American. Kawthaung's busy harbour area is bordered by tea-shop, shop and shop chartering boats to Thailand for tourists and merchants. There are duty free grocery and a few restaurant in the reproduction of the Burma Royalty. An enormous bronzed sculpture of King Bayintnaung, one of the great Myanmar monarchs equipped with a saber, is standing on a mound on the Ap.

There is a stunning seaview of the ocean and the islet from a three-mile pit stop in a fishermen's hamlet five kilometres upstate.

Activities in Kawthaung: The gateway to Myanmar

As Ranong across the Thai boarder, Myanmar's south boarder city has its own special charme - find out what to do in Kawthaung and why it's not a terrible place to stay. Situated at the south tip of Myanmar, Kawthaung is a busy harbour city on the Kyan River, whose principal business areas are:

The Kawthaung is a city with a cultural diversity with Hindu, Islamic and Mandarin influence under the Bamar and Thai people. Coming from Thailand you can travel across the Ranong-Thailand frontier. As a frontier city, you get many "taxi" calls from bikers (sometimes with interesting clapping of hands or hustling of kisses) and travel guides from those who talk English, especially at the dock.

There' s a cash machine and money change office on the high street, next to the Kawthaung Hotel - one of the top 4 budgeted Kawthaung hotel. Kawthaung's roads are bordered by general merchandise boutiques, goldshops and wooden buildings, with other apparel boutiques, chemists and bookings outside the port.

A little further from the immigration offices are open-air dining stands with views of Kawthaung Park and the promenade at night, as well as several on the other side of the city. Let's go and see Kawthaung! The name Victoria Point comes from the city's name during the Spanish colonisation, called after King Bayinnaung, a Bamar march in Thailand several occasions between 1548-1569.

The Pyi Taw Aye Paya Principal Temple, constructed in 1949, is 21m high - unlike many other shrines, you can use it. The Kawthaung Park is a beautiful waterside spot with homes and play areas that leads to a tree-lined street to Victoria Point - there are dinner stands here in the afternoons.

Further activities in Kawthaung: You enjoyed when you read Kawthaung? At the Myanmar-Frontier? What is your favorite city?

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