Kawthaung Border Crossing

Border crossing Kawthaung

Hi, I just want to share my experiences with the border crossing Ranong (Thailand) to Kawthaung (Myanmar/Burma) and travel on. The ultimate guide on how to cross the Ranong Kawthaung Border Checkpoint to visit Myanmar. Torun Tree - Ranong - Kawthaung border crossing and beyond

Hello, I just want to exchange my experiences with the border crossing Ranong (Thailand) to Kawthaung (Myanmar/Burma) and continue my journey. Before I crossed the border I could not find any information about the journey to Dawei or Myeik - maybe I am just a poor explorer. On arrival at Ranong bus station there is a shuttle bus directly to the jetty, I bought 20 Bahts, but I think the local people are paying 15.

Upon your arrival at the jetty, you will be welcomed by a number of persons who are ready to take you across the border in their longtailboats. Ensure that you leave Thailand at the immigration agency on the jetty before getting on the ferry. Once you arrive in Kawthaung, go along the boardwalk to the immigration bureau, the local residents will show you the way.

A pre-arranged visas and a copy of your residency card and visas are required. You can get it from the migration department on the right side up the street (away from the sea), it costs 5 BH. There was no discomfort in the processes of migration.

You can continue either by coach or barge. You can buy the tickets at the foreigners registration desk on the leftside. Kyavthaung - Myeik -? When you go to Myeik, I would choose the 5 pm coach, then you will reach Myeik around 5 am.

One or two hours after your arrival in Myeik you get on the coach to Dawei. They' ll reach Dawei around 3 pm. This is not the best street, but it is tolerable. Kawthaung to Myeik was the best street, which is good, because it is the night-van.

Even when I got to Dawei, I hadn't reserved a room, the coach drivers and passangers were very friendly and drove through the town to find me a beautiful, inexpensive bar.

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