Kawthaung Beach

The Kawthaung Beach

It had a waterfall, a beach and a viewpoint. Brief facts: We begin our services at Myo Ma Jettys in Kawthaung. You will be picked up at your Kawthaung airport or your tour leader will take you to the dock. It is also possible to collect from Ranong (Thailand, Saphan Pier). Once the entry permit has been issued, the skipper begins his journey to the island of Taung La Bo, where it is at last the right moment to go into the sea.

It' a good place to go snorkelling or just relaxing on the beach. We' ll have supper at sundown, while we drive to 115 Iceland. Savour your head chef's cooked breakfasts on the boat. Large schools of schools of seaweed, as well as rigid and flexible coral were lying around the islands. You will find here the definitions of untouched, very powdery and sandy sands.

We will drive to Nga Man Island for snorkelling during our lunches. The corals are completely untouched, various colourful species of seaweed, morel and jellyfish can be seen. Following the aquatic event we head to Kyun Pila (also known as Great Swinton Island).

You will have supper and stay the night on the boat near Kyun Pila. During our tour you can see the repair of boots, the fixation of netting, the dehydration of fishing or the production of fishingpastes. In the morning before midday we drive to N. Phipps Island, where we have some snorkelling or canoeing. Then in the afternoons we will head to Thay Yae Island.

Evening meal and accommodation on ship at Thay Yae Island. We go snorkelling in the early hours and then drive back to Kawthaung. Check out the cheer points and refreshments before coming back to Kawthaung. When you disembark from our boats, your tour leader will take you by road to the Kawthaung International Airports or Hotels or by long-tail to Ranong Jetty (Thailand).

In the vicinity

Myeik is located on the south Taninthayi Division of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma's Tennesarim Coast). There are many precious pewter mining, plantations of olive palms, natural caoutchouc plantations and evergreens around and to the west of Myeik. The Pearl Island is the spring for high value beads. and fish is the tradition on the coastline and on the isles.

Approximately 804 speckled islets dotted across the ocean along the Taninthayi shore and the town is located on the isle at the estuary of the Tannintharyi River. It is the southern tip of Myanmar and about 800 km from Yangon; the town maintains its charm as a fishermen's town. Tha Htay Kyun (Boss Island) can be visited within 10 minutes from Kawthaung.

The ThaHtay Kyun has a beach, but the coastline is too rugged for a swim. You can also go to the offshore islets near this arcipelago to discover the underwater algae gardens where no one has ever been before. Dawei Fishermen, known for many years as salons or gipsies who circumnavigate the isles.

The" Salone" of Myanmar, who named himself. "Moken. " are abandoned men fighting for their lives. It is located in the south part of the Myeik Archipelago with more than 800 small islets. The salon men are thought to have been living on the peninsula in antiquity until they abandoned their homeland and spread across the Myeik archipelago.

The salon is only to be found on the coast of Kawthoung, formerly Victoria Point, the most southern city of Myanmar, and they have been able to remain sloppy on the next few inhabited island they could find. Like their name suggests. sea-gypsy. means that they can skilfully return to their island. short. if they see unfavourable sun.

This salon's smartness and experience in scuba and marine scuba is unparalleled. The salon is believed to be the only place where you can spend many hours under water without an airbox. Solonnians don't intermingle so readily with other humans. Salonists are still sticking to their own faith.

The shamanistic is the main feature of the Ghostfest. Sacrifices at the fair. Popcorn. Alcohols. Honeys. Betel and meat and duck bleed. Chicken. Dolphins and tortoises. Salon's talents are noteworthy in that they could perform music to the scene events and facts they see.

Shamans took part in the ritual and ritual of the event, not only during the event but also in the event of disease or dying. When the salon does not buried the body, it leaves it on a scaffolding stall and all the villagers move to another isle.

Do you know where the event takes place? SALEONE or SEA GPYPSY takes place in the Ma-Kyon-Galet town on Lampi Island one of the Myeik Archipelago in southern Myanmar. When' s the Sea Gipsy Fest? Each year, the parlour (or) Sea-gypsy is celebrated in the second weeks of February.

So what is there to see at the event? Attendees of the Sea-gypsy Festivals can see the folk dance of the Dawei and Kawthaung people. We have agreed that the guests can also take part in some sacred salon-dancing.

The campfire takes place at night on the campground. Diving competitions and regattas are also organised. But above all, however, you can see and experience the natural beauties of the Myeik archipelago's seaside and islets. From Yangon, guests can take three Myanmar Airways flights to Kawthaung (and then take a ferry to the fairgrounds).

It'?ll take about an hour and a half to fly from Yangon to Kawthaung. You can also visit the event via Phuket or Ranong. It is possible that people can go to the event and fly back via Yangon.

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