The Kawthaung is a city in the southernmost part of Myanmar, in the Tanintharyi region. The southernmost city of Myanmar, Kawthaung (known as Victoria Point in the colonial period) is the largest city in the country. The Kawthoung (also Kawthaung; formerly Victoria Point) is located at the southern tip of Myanmar, on the border to Thailand. Visit Kawthaung Myanmar, Mawlawin Waterfall, Andaman Club, Parker Beach, see some Myanmar culture and explore the coast.

Myanmar's Kawthaung is Thailand's southernmost border town in Burma and is the entrance to the Mergui Archipelago.

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Cawthaung ( "Burmese": ?????????????????; MLCTS: chew. saung: mui., IPA: {@professional }; Thai: mjo?; RTGS: The city of Ko Song, pronounced[k??? s????]; Malay: Pulodua, ???????) is situated in the most southern part of Myanmar, in the Tanintharyi region. 1859 a group of Chinese and Thais from Maliwan (Thai language) moved to the northern part of Kawthaung, a place with a lot of ponds and blooming saplings.

The third major of Mergui District, Sir Ashly Din (1870-1875) appointed the first policeman based in Maliwan, a town 24 northeast of today's Victoria Point, in 1872. During 1891 the Maliwan authorities were transferred from Maliwan to Kawthaung, as Maliwan lies on the banks of a small flat creek, Maliwan Creek, which is not suitable for large vessels to penetrate the waters and wait for tides.

The Kawthaung is about 10°N and 98.30°E at the estuary of the Kyan River on the Malay Peninsula. The Thai frontier city Ranong lies to the eastern side. The Andaman Sea opens up to the Indian Ocean to the western and south-western parts and the municipality of Bokpyin lies to the northern part. The Kawthaung has a tropic moon climatic (Köppen-Klimaklasse Am).

Most commonly used in Burma, Thai, southern Thai, Shan, Moken, Karen, Mon, Kedah, Malaysia, as well as China and India..... The majority of Bamar, Thai, Shan, Karen, Mon, Myanmar and some parts of the Salone stick to Theravada Buddhism. Malays and Thai Muslims practise Islam.

insurance control in Kawthaung. Thais can enter Myanmar through Kawthaung with their Thailand passport books. It is a favourite destination for visitors to Phuket, Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan and other places in the South. For a three days (two nights) Myanmar stay it is $10 US dollars.

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The Kawthaung (known as Victoria Point in Spanish colonization ) is the most southern city of Myanmar. A major trade point, many travellers make the 20-minute cruise on the sea from the Thai frontier city of Ranong for a visit on a visas or a little sight-seeing and buying (more information about the Thai-Myanmar frontier can be found here).

Kawthaung itself is not a particularly nice city despite its location on the water - but it is an interesting and cultural place with powerful Hindu and Moslem influence. In Kawthaung, as is usual in Myanmar's cities of this magnitude, there are mountain peaks with good ocean and scenic vistas; the Pyi Daw Aye Pagoda is near the city center and has stands at the door.

There' s a smaller, lesser-known northern pit with panorama view of the area and a public garden just down the river from where you can enjoy a view of the city and the Kraburi river mouth to Ranong, Thailand - watch our YouTube movie from the area.

It is also the departure point for all Myanmar-based cruise ships to the extensive Myeik Archipelago; it is now also possible to make daily excursions from here. One good way to defraud the Myeik Archipelago is to explore Palane Tone Tone Isle, five kilometers south of Kawthaung.

Taxis to Palane Tone Tone are around 15,000 K; renting your own motorcycle is a less expensive and more versatile way to get there. The Maliwun Falls are 40 kilometers further north from Kawthaung, just southwards of the town. There is sometimes a lot going on at the falls, so if you are looking for more secluded spots, there are some calmerfalls upriver.

At the major cases there is a brewery with basic Asiatic dishes. From Kawthaung a cab to the waterfalls and back costs about 40,000 K (or you can get a less expensive motorcycle taxi).

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