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Severe rains and mudslides lead to the provisional closing of the Myawaddy-Kawkareik Asia Highway. Myawaddy Kawkareik Asia Highway in Karen (Kayin) State was temporarily shut down on Monday (June 9) after strong rains brought about a 154 km Nat Sin Kway at night. Myawaddy Constituency's State Hluttaw MP U Thant Zin Aung - 2, who is overseeing the scene, said that lorries and cars driving between Myawaddy, Kawkareik and Hpa-an were beached on the roads after about 100 ft of the highway were flooded with soil.

"The landslip happened in the evenings, but you could still drive on the roads. But the street was jammed around 6:00 a.m. Landslides continue after the street is closed. The largest part of the landslip happened around 10 o'clock in the morning. Cars can no longer drive on the roads. It was a roadblock," he said to KIC News.

Thant Zin Aung went on to say that Myawaddy district officers had investigated the landslides and a diversion along the street is being made with a dozer so that smaller cars can drive across the street, and work was still in progress until yesterdays afternoons. Bureaucracy has permitted Hpa-an and Kawkareik cars to use the old highway and, according to officers, the trip from Myawaddy has been temporarily banned.

Day-to-day forecasts indicate that the monsoons in the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea are moderate and occasional downpours have been predicted in six states and areas, Karen State included. In Hpa-an on Sunday (8 July) as a result of intense rains and winds, there was a fall of timber and lampposts.

Myanmar: Situation report: Kawkareik Township and Win Yay Township, November 2016 to January 2017 - Myanmar

The situation update covers incidents in Kawkareik Township and Win Yay Township, Dooplaya District between November 2016 and January 2017, covering all aspects of the situation from November 2016 to January 2017, as well as developments, health, educational and security issues. November 11, 2016, deputy battalion commander Naing Lin Aung (Tatmadaw) of Light Infantry Battalion #31 ordered one of his troops to take a sign and the Karen nation ensign from the front of an independent college in A--- Dorf, Than Payar Dorftrakt, Win Yay Township, Dooplaya District.

After that, the Karen locals from A--- Dorf felt that the Burmese and Myanmar governments did not want to recognize the Karen tribe, and they said Tatmadaw should not take the Karen nationally ensign out of their camp. The Arsa Thein Nge Company came on January 15, 2017 to carry out an investigation on a cliffy hill in B---hill, Sin Pyay district, Win Yay township, to build a concreteworks.

B-towners disagreed with the suggested concrete plant plan. The Arsa Thein Nge Company, however, did not conduct a counseling interview with the locals when they carried out a poll so that the locals could not voice their disagreements. The Strategic Operations Commander came from Kyainseikgyi on 12 December 2016 to inspect the Tatmadaw Armed Forces camp in Kawkareik Township.

By the time he came to inspect the warehouses, the street was full of safety-forces. Townspeople feared that there might have been a fight when they saw a large number of police forces on the street. The situation update covers developments in Kawkareik Township and Win Yay Township, Dooplaya District between November 15, 2016 and January 22, 2017, covering all aspects of the situation with regard to aid to development, health, training and civilian use.

In Kawkareik Township and Win Yay Township more and more developing activities are carried out. Following the inauguration of the new government[National League for Democracy], the traffic and transport sector, such as roads and bridges, has seen an improvement. More and more, however, there are also ongoing developments that are causing the inhabitants great anxiety. For example ] on January 15, 2017, Arsa Thein Nge[Asian Eager] Company came to examine a cliffy hill in B--village, Sin Pyay community of Win Yay, to see if they are able to build a concrete plant or not[with the rock of the hill as cement].

The village people did not approve of the[Cement Factory] plan, but the Karen National Union[KNU] and KNU Township Authority and KNU District Authority gave the firm approval to carry out the plant plan. Therefore, the village inhabitants were dissatisfied and angry about the Zementfabrik plan. The village people always have to pay attention because they don't know what they will do[if the plan is implemented].

A number of community leaders report that community members are suffering from the adverse impacts of such developments. They[ some leaders of the villages] did not discuss it in a official meeting[problems with the developing project], but they spoke about it informl. Locals say: "She[the company] will have no opportunity to carry out a poll on the rugged hill if KNU Headquarters / NCC does not give approval to carry out the poll.

The KNU [the company] has authorized the village inhabitants to remain silent[cannot oppose the concrete plant project]". There are many village people who depend on this rugged hill to make a living. There are also many village inhabitants from many towns who depend on the Win Yay stream (which is near this hill.).

We the locals are not sure when to move, because when the company[Arsa Thein Nge] came to carry out a poll on the Felsenberg ], they were bringing a permit from KNU Head Office. They have not, however, explained anything to the neighbours about the construction of the concrete plant and the approval notices.

The village inhabitants were not asked when designing the Three Pagodas Pass-Thanphyu Zayet street. There has been no significant improvement in the health of Win Yay Township, Dooplaya District. Malarial concentrations have fallen[in Win Yay Township] according to the group. Filthy and powdery breezes enter the villagers' homes, businesses and restaurant.

People in villages can get many illnesses by respirating the polluted atmosphere and have to take them while they eat. They are trying to tell the village people to irrigate the road[to prevent dust], but nobody cares[has done according to this information]. That is why motorists have often rushed into the village's stores.

That is why some villagers have established a simple assessment system[informally and outside the constitutional state] when the cars crash. Where the KHRG member collected this information are C--- Town, A--- Town, B--- Town, D--- (E---) Town, F--- Town, G--- Town and H--- Town in Win Yay Township, Dooplaya District.

On January 12 and 13, 2017, when the locals visited the KHRG workshops (conducted by a KHRG researcher), one of the locals told the member of the KHRG community: "We have a hospital and a physician in our locality, but she does not always reside in the hospital, so it is difficult for the locals to get it.

Educational conditions have significantly ameliorated following the signing of the Karen Nation Union and the Burmese /Myanmar government's signing of the NCA in 2015. Karen Instructors are permitted to give Karen Literature[at Karen Schools]. Yet, A--- Townspeople said Battalion Deputy Commander Naing Lin Aung (Tatmadaw) of the Light Infantry Battalion[LIB] #31 ordered one of his troops to take the shield and Karen statewide banner off an independent sanctuary on November 11, 2016 in A---village, Than Payar Township, before the officials of the Burma/Myanmar administration would visite that area.

When a Tatmadaw military officer had taken away the Karen flags, he gave them to a little kid who took care of the animals and asked him to go home. Tatmadaw said they had already been negotiating with the Karen Liberation Army's top Karen officials[to take down the flag]. A Warrant Officer Chat Pat[of Company (2) under KNLA-Bataillon #16 ], "On this date, Myo Tun Win of the A'nan Kwin Armory led the Light Infantry Military Batalion #31 to take down the Karen flag[at school]".

Some[ A---] locals said: "They[Tatmadaw] have taken the Karen banner away from the campus because they[Tatmadaw] said they are embarrassed to keep the Karen banner outside the campus when the Burmese authorities come. Don't they want to acknowledge[Tatmadaw and Burma/Myanmar government] our Karen population?

Indeed, they[Tatmadaw] should not do so[remove the flag]". One headmistress says that "all instructors at this A-school are local". In relation to operations in Kawkareik Township and Win Yay Township, Dooplaya District, the Tatmadaw have to build three shifts of fences to reinforce their forces' bases after the NCA is signed.

Bo Mu Khin Maung Maung, commandant of strategic operation from Kyaik Hto Armed Forces Lager in Kawkareik Township, ordered all[Tatmadaw] Armed Forces to build three shifts of fences. The Commandant for Armed Services from Tatmadaw Headquarters #19 came to inspect the Armed Forces camps[in Kawkareik Municipality], but he[Commandant for Armed Services] could not come to inspect the bearings.

Instead, a Strategic Operations Commander came from Kyainseikgyi on December 12, 2016 to review the Tatmadaw Armed Forces camps[in Kawkareik Township]. When[ Strategic Operations Commander] came to inspect the warehouses, the street was full of guard for his safety. The commander of three[Tatmadaw] HQs, Major Tin Maung Tun, Chief of Staff of the[National] Border Guard[BGF], A' sin village residents and some of Mee Tan's eldest, met in the BGF boardroom on 9 November 2016.

Then they drove four automobiles to Paya Kone in Kyain Town. Then they went back to their military base. Major General Min Naung also came on November 12, 2016 to inspect the Tatmadaw military warehouses, and then he went to the Poe Chi Mu Gunnery Arms Warehouse in Kawkareik Municipality.

The village people asked why Tatmadaw troops were actively on the street. To find out if they were functioning as police because they may have gotten news about Bo San Aung[5] from the DKBA faction. People are concerned that something[between Tatmadaw and the DKBA faction ] will be happening.

Anything happens, it'll be the people of the village who will be hurt. The KNLA and the New Mon State Army Battalion #2 fought at Rit Khee Mountain, the border between Brigade 4[Mergui Tavoy District] and Brigade 6[Dooplaya District], on 20 December 2016. That' s why the people of Karen and Mon were very concerned about their life.

The village inhabitants also have to deal with difficulties due to inadequate health care and inadequate project work. With regard to the educational status, the village people asked themselves whether the Burmese and Myanmar governments recognise their educational system. Information for this update is provided by the votes of the village inhabitants and the opinions of the parishioners.

Following the signing of the NCA by the KNU and the Burmese /Myanmar authorities, the village inhabitants had to address transport issues due to the activity of the DKBA Bo San Aung group. A[ bad] health care system and a[bad] educational system have further hindered the people. From the information I[KHRG member] gathered, the village people's privileges were misused for the purpose of developing and carrying out army work.

The BGF seized the land of the village inhabitants in Kyonedoe Town, Kawkareik Township after 2012. Furthermore, the villagers' land was seized for aid work.

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