Kawgun Cave

The Kawgun Cave

One short drive outside the city that small cave/temple has excellent stucco wall relief carvings. The Kawgun Cave is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in Hpa An. Kawgun Cave map, Hpa An: The Kawgun Cave is located in Hpa An. Use Kawgun Cave and other Hpa An attractions in our Hpa An travel planning tool and watch your holiday take shape.

Kyawgun Cave - Myanmar Tours

The Kawgun Cave is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Hpa An. The Cave of the Temples was ordered by a Mon Queen in the seventh centuary, so it is a holy place for the Mon who come and devout. In spite of the early antique structure, there are still a thousand Buddha sculptures in the Kawgun Cave in perfect conditions with different age groups, forms, phrases and postures.

What the visitor does'wow' here are without a doubt the murals. A lot of little Buddhas were incredibly cleverly engraved on the walls and up to the ceilings. The Kawgun Cave is of great value for historical, religious, cultural and architectural heritage to the former Burmese. No matter what your ages, professions or careers, this stunning seventh work of art has never missed to delight people.

Though Hpa An is known for the scenic beauties of several lime stone caverns, the unparalleled beauties of Kawgun would certainly draw more visitors coming here, as well as the conservation by the locals goverment.

Cave Kawgun & Yathaypyan Cave

Kawgun Cave's work of art from the seventh centuries is made up of thousand of small earthen Buddha and woodcarvings spread over the sides and top of this open cave. A little over a nautical aile away is the Yathaypyan Cave, which contains several couples and several other loam murals. The Kawgun was built by King Manuaha after he was vanquished in combat and had to take refuge in these gorge.

When you have a flare, you can cross the Yathaypyan Cave, which lasts about 10 mins. Afterwards you come out at a lookout.

The Kawgun Cave

Kawgun, one of the most dramatic cave in the area, is located in a small rocky area overlooking the Hpa-an on the Thaton Highway. Astonishing Buddhistic woodcarvings and stuccos line the flat cave and lime rocks and are said to go back to the 7th c.

Some few old Hindu pictures have been preserved and testify to the former regional variety of religions. ex Kawthaung of 1,100 US$. Situated near Saddar or Shan State's Pindaya, the cave itself is small and flat. There are several sitting and lying Buddha pictures, but what is really amazing is that almost every centimeter of the cave wall and top, as well as the adjoining calcareous rocks, are coated with plaster paintings decorated in reddish.

Those little complicated pictures are incredibly delicate. Inside, the pictures of the cave are protected, but the cliffs are open to the element, not to speak of the remarkable populations of monkeys and pigeons. Much of the carving and plastering is clearly visible in front of our gaze, as not only does it get undermined by weather and rains, but the rough calcareous rock itself is also eroded.

It is doubtful that there is much to do to save such a endangered area, although new pictures are being added and some of the oldest woodcarvings have been taken out in a closed box for conservation. However, some of the local found woodcarvings are still very old. An extensive buddhistic temples have developed around the cave, and while there are a few snacks and drinks stands outside, be very cautious, as there is a significant populace..... please login to view the remainder of this tale.

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